VCS Teachers, Principals Receive Performance-Based State Bonuses

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-Press Release, Vance County Schools

Vance County Schools is proud to announce that many of our teachers and principals received recognition and bonuses from the state of North Carolina for their growth in our district.

The General Assembly of North Carolina created the bonus structure, where principals and teachers within certain areas are eligible. There must be growth performance met within the criteria set in order to qualify to receive the bonuses. Growth is measured by EVASS, an analytics measurement created by SAS. The system evaluates each individual student and determines the overall progress of the student made while enrolled in a specific course, with the final analysis using the state test score.

The school is also given a letter grade, with proficiency counting 80% and growth as 20%, determining the principal growth. 

The following principals and teachers have been recognized and awarded monetary bonuses by the State of North Carolina for their performance in Vance County Schools.

Aycock Elementary School:

Taylor Bibee (Hedgepeth) – 5th Grade Reading

Stephanie Brown – 5th Grade Math & Reading

Susan Fletcher – 3rd Grade Reading

Sarah Jeffries – 4th Grade Reading

Reagan Ross – 4th Grade Math

Kristen Boyd – Principal

Carver Elementary School:

Debra Glanz (McCune) –  4th Grade Reading

Fe McCoy – 4th Grade Math

David Westbrook – Principal

Dabney Elementary School:

Justin Wrenn – 3rd Grade Reading

Michael Putney – Principal

E.M. Rollins Elementary School:

Tiffany Manning – 5th Grade Math

E.O Young Elementary School:

Shawanda Talley – 5th Grade Reading

Marylaura McKoon – Principal

L.B. Yancey Elementary School:

Analiza Maghanoy – 3rd Grade Reading

New Hope Elementary School:

Yackesha Samuda-Green – 4th Grade Math & Reading

Pinkston Street Elementary School:

Cheryl Jones – 3rd Grade Reading

STEM Early High School:

Charlie Carroll – 7th Grade Math

Vance County High School:

Audrey Brown – CTE

Francis Brown – CTE

Angela Cusaac – CTE

Vance County Middle School:

Kevin Johnson – 8th Grade Math

Sallie Nelson – 7th Grade Math

Adith Williams-White – 6th Grade Math

Zeb Vance Elementary School:

Taylor Alston – 3rd Grade Reading

Vance County Early College:

Travis Taylor – Principal

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