Vance County FY 19-20 Budget CONSENSUS

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The Vance County Commissioners met Wednesday afternoon at 4 o’clock, and County Manager Jordan McMillan told WIZS News, “I believe we made progress this evening in finalizing the budget. The discussion tonight focused on the fire fund and the board reached a consensus to add equal funding for Epsom and Drewry.”

He said, “That means each would get $100,000 like the other departments. Also, as Drewry requested they would get a second part time position like the other departments. Epsom would get 1 part time position as they requested. These additions will take the fire tax up 2.5 cents which will make the fire tax 8.9 cents total. Also there was some discussion as to whether to pay for the VFD radios out of the general fund or the fire fund. The board consensus was for this to remain in the fire fund as recommended in the budget.”

McMillan said the conversation then shifted to the general fund and how the Rescue Squad should be funded.  McMillan wrote in his email to WIZS News, “When positions were added to the Sheriffs office I proposed cutting back the two part time positions designated for the Rescue Squad to assist in balancing the budget. This was not unanimous but there was a consensus to remove the funding for these two positions.”

He said, at the end of the day, the Volunteer Fire Departments should be satisfied with the funding and positions they are receiving.  “This is a big step forward for public safety in Vance County. Within two years the departments have moved to $100,000 funding from $60,600 and now this year they get an additional $87,326 for two part time positions during the week. This is unprecedented in our surrounding counties in terms of overall funding and the part time positions in all stations,” McMillan said.

The necessary budget ordinances will be prepared and the board will meet in a special called meeting Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room at the old courthouse downtown.

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