Vance Co. Board of Education Urging the State to Take Action

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-Information courtesy Vance County Schools

At its December 9 meeting, the Vance County Board of Education approved a resolution urging the State to take action to remit civil penalties unconstitutionally withheld from North Carolina public schools.

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that under Article IX, Section 7 of the NC Constitution, public schools are entitled to the clear proceeds of specific civil penalties collected by various state agencies.

The Vance County Board of Education respectfully requests the General Assembly to approve during its January 2020 session a multi-year plan to pay the remaining $729.7 million judgment for civil penalties that should have gone to public school units for school technology but were instead diverted to other purposes in violation of the North Carolina Constitution.

According to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), in 2018-2019 only 38% of North Carolina’s 115 local school districts reported having achieved the State’s 4-year replacement goal for student devices.

More than 30% of school districts in 2018-19 reported having no resources budgeted for replacement devices.

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