Teamwork and Good People Means New Jobs in Vance

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper came to Henderson today to announce Mako Medical Laboratories is opening a facility in Vance County.  At a 1 p.m. press conference inside the former Harperprints building on Industry Drive, Cooper said he was proud to announce 153 new, good paying jobs were coming to Henderson and Vance County.  Average income will be about $52,000.

Governor Cooper said Mako was investing 15 million dollars here because of people like the many gathered in the room and the availability of workforce.

He said it was a team effort to bring Mako here and mentioned the City of Henderson, Vance County, Economic Development of Vance County, Vance Granville Community College and the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

Cooper said the people of North Carolina are going to see more development like this because of the strengths of a rural area and because North Carolina has the right people.

Mako CEO Chad Price also thanked the local Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army significantly reduced its asking price for the Harperprints building.  Price said, “Our experience in Vance County has been world class.”  He said, “Everything we do is about making an impact.”  He spoke of a year-long process and traveling the country looking for a site before settling on Henderson.

Mako is apparently a fast growing company with another location in North Carolina as well as New Mexico.  The company also seems rather entrepreneurial and several folks have mentioned the company’s involvement and philanthropy in and around its home communities and beyond.

Henderson Mayor Eddie Ellington said it was “teamwork and the result is progress.”  He said the folks here have continued to believe in Henderson.

Vance County Board of Commissioners Chair Dan Brummitt said the mere fact that the Governor is here reinforces the whole idea.  Brummitt said Mako was the fastest growing company in the Triangle in the last two years and was voted the best place to work in the Triangle.  He said, “We see you as a great fit for our community.”

Earlier in the day at 11:30 a.m., both the Henderson City Council and the Vance County Commissioners met in their respective meeting rooms and held public hearings and voted on economic development incentives to help Mako in the local endeavor.  No members from the public spoke, and the votes passed without opposition.

If you combine local Vance County and City of Henderson upfront incentives, tax grants for the next three years and additional tax rebates through 2025, the grand total city/county investment is $763,050.

In addition, Vance County officials say they expect to flow additional N.C. Commerce funds and grant funds from Golden Leaf through the county’s budgets totaling another estimated $750,000 in the coming years.

Other general terms of the agreement must be met as it pertains to the number of jobs, salary and the fact that Mako must remain in the county for at least a 10 year term otherwise incentives can be taken back.

The following information is from a prepared press release:

Henderson, North Carolina – Vance County and the City of Henderson are pleased to announce that Mako Medical Laboratories will invest $15.39 million and create 153 jobs in Vance County over the next five years. Mako will occupy the former Harperprints Printing Company Building which has been vacant since 2012.

Local economic development officials along with the City of Henderson and Vance County began working on the project in late September. The Mako Medical Laboratories expansion was in competition with other locations in the Southeast and the Midwest that included Louisiana, South Carolina, and Ohio. The Henderson facility will allow Mako Medical to expand its laboratory operations, warehousing, and courier services, the major thrust of their expansion needs. The new Henderson facility will also serve as a blood testing lab which will allow Mako Medical to process blood samples for doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals across the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic.

Commissioner Tommy Hester, chair of the Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission (EDC) is pleased with the announcement. “What a great day it is to be in Henderson and Vance County, North Carolina! As Chairman of the Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission and on behalf of the commission, it is my pleasure to welcome all of you here for this momentous occasion. Today is about jobs and the future of this great community and the future of this great State of North Carolina.”

Vance County Commission Chairman Dan Brummitt feels the community and the region will benefit from the investment being made by Mako Medical, “We are impressed with your hiring of ONLY Veterans in your logistics and procurement team, and we see why you’ve won numerous awards including best place to work in the triangle among others. Beyond these accolades,
when our local team met with you initially, we were blown away not only by the success you are having, but by the way you support over 470 non-profits and charities in and outside of the communities you work in and over 60 missionaries worldwide. We see you as a great fit for our community and we welcome you!”

City of Henderson Mayor Eddie Ellington presented Mako with a proclamation on behalf of the City and welcomed Mako to the community, “having Mako Medical Laboratories become a part of our community alongside our other businesses continues to give our citizens a hope and vision for the future. Today exemplifies what teamwork is all about and the result is progress.”

Vance County Manager Jordan McMillen spoke of the teamwork involved in recruiting Mako to Henderson and Vance County. “In a small community, recruiting jobs and investment takes teamwork. This announcement would not have been possible without a great collaboration between the City of Henderson and Vance County working in concert with the many community
partners such as the Salvation Army, the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce, the Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission, Vance-Granville Community College and others. Having Mako choose this community speaks volumes to the relevance of Henderson and Vance County as a regional center for business and as the leading edge of the
research triangle.”