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TownTalk: Does Vance County Know Where Its Money Is?

Vance County Manager C. Renee Perry has confirmed that there is an open investigation into the practices of the county’s former finance director after a recent audit found deficiencies in financial processes that involves $1.1 million in county funds. The audit presented at the June 3 Board of Commissioners meeting revealed that the former finance […]

TownTalk: Juneteenth and July 4th, Vance Tourism

July 4 falls on a Thursday this year, which makes for a long weekend just right for vacationers and campers to enjoy a few extra days in and around Kerr Lake. We’ll turn our attention to the skies around Satterwhite Point on Saturday, July 6 for the annual fireworks show, but come early and enjoy […]

TownTalk: Around Old Granville: Architects

Lovers of historical architecture could come up with the analogy that if Old Granville County – what is now the four-county area that includes Vance, Warren, Franklin and Granville counties – were an art museum, then all the lovely homes that dot the towns, cities and countryside certainly are works of art to be admired […]

North Carolina Teacher Retention – NCAE

Teacher pay and a moratorium on private school vouchers are two of the tangible issues that the president of the North Carolina Association of Educators has on her radar. But Tamika Walker-Kelly also is calling on legislators to join her as she and other public school advocates seek to restore a culture of respect for […]

TownTalk: 8th Annual Bee Jubilee June 22 At Granville Expo Center

The Granville County Beekeepers Association’s 8th annual Bee Jubilee happens Saturday, June 22 and will feature a variety of workshops and demonstrations designed for those with lots of experience handling those honey-producing insects all the way down to folks who want their gardens to be pollinator-friendly havens. “North Carolina really does love their pollinators,” said […]

TownTalk: Fire Association Advocates For Keeping 8.9-Cent Fire Tax Level

Watkins Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Link, speaking to Vance County Commissioners during the Monday budget work session in his capacity as president of the county firefighters association, asked for the county’s fire tax to stay at its current level of 8.9 cents. Commissioners are considering a $57 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which […]

TownTalk: Crawford Focuses On ADHD For Children’s Book

It’s a short book – only 35 pages – but author Fay Crawford said thinks it could have a lasting impact on those who read it or have it read to them. “My Special Friend” is about a boy named Mikey who is diagnosed with ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – and what he […]

Council Members Split On Funding For McGregor Hall

As members of the Henderson City Council continued budget deliberations at a work session Monday, they found themselves in lockstep to help displaced families find more permanent housing, but far apart on providing financial support for McGregor Hall. The Council approved giving $2,000 to 22 families who had to move out of the Motel 121 […]

TownTalk: Community Partners of Hope Men’s Shelter 365 Dream Team

Darryl Jones is walking, talking proof about getting – and giving – second chances in life. And just in case anybody wonders about the good things that go on at the emergency men’s shelter and Hope House here in Henderson, Jones is a living testimony. He’s been shelter program manager for just over a month […]