Kerr-Tar Area Agency on Aging Offering Caregiver Vouchers

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Harvey Holmes, family caregiver resource specialist with the Kerr-Tar Area Agency on Aging, appeared on WIZS’ Town Talk Thursday at 11 a.m.

The agency offers aging and adult services to residents in Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren and Person counties.

With November’s designation as both National Family Caregivers Month and National Alzheimers Disease Awareness Month, Holmes was on the program to discuss Kerr-Tar’s caregiver voucher program.

To assist with the heavy financial burden of providing care to a loved one, Kerr-Tar will reimburse caregivers up to $750 in eligible out-of-pocket expenses within 90 days of incurring the charge.

Eligible expenses include hiring in-home assistance such as a nurse, CNA, neighbor or relative (who does not live in the home) to care for a loved one.

“Caregiving is extremely expensive,” said Holmes. “With the voucher program, you get to choose who you want to be in your house. More importantly, you get to choose who the recipient is comfortable with.”

To learn more about the voucher program, please contact the Kerr-Tar Area Agency on Aging at (252) 436-2040 or email Holmes directly at [email protected].

Additional information can be found at or on the agency’s Facebook page (click here).

To hear the interview with Holmes in its entirety, go to and click on Town Talk. Holmes’ segment begins at the 17:50 mark.

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