Jarvis Discusses Mako’s First Year in Vance Co.; Provides Updates on EDC Initiatives

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Dennis Jarvis, II, director of the Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission, was on Monday’s edition of WIZS’ Town Talk program to provide updates related to the EDC.

Mako Medical Laboratories:

The segment began with a discussion on Mako Medical Laboratories and their progress since opening their new location in Henderson in late 2017.

According to Jarvis, since December of last year, the company has met or exceeded the investments initially outlined to them by the State, County and City for a five-year time period.

For the same five-year period, Mako is already approximately halfway to filling the 153 jobs initially promised. “They are already at 70+ jobs in year one,” Jarvis said.

In addition, Jarvis said Mako has spent much of their first year supporting various community endeavors, including the school system, with initiatives such as The Daily Dispatch’s monthly Student Spotlight recognition.

As for the future, Jarvis said he is confident the community will continue to watch Mako exceed criteria and grow. “Mako was recognized by the Triangle Business Journal as being amongst the Top 50 fast-track companies in the region; Top 100 privately-held companies in the state,” Jarvis said.

“We are truly blessed Mako Medical is a part of our community.”

New EDC Website:

According to Jarvis, the new Henderson-Vance EDC website will be open for public viewing later this week pending endorsement and affirmation.

The EDC has been working with a marketing firm for several months to create a “more true representation of what Vance County and Henderson have to offer.”

Website features will include business opportunities, properties, business locations, financial institutions and growth factors, according to Jarvis.

Jarvis also explained that the website will focus on the word “advance” to play on “Vance” County. “The [new] website will show why making an investment in Vance County advances your opportunities.”

 Phase III of the Henderson-Vance Industrial Park:

With the County’s recent purchase of 84 acres of land to expand the Henderson-Vance Industrial Park, a master plan is in the works for land development. According to Jarvis, the plan will be available by the second quarter of 2019. “The master plan will give us a visual representation of how property, road and infrastructure could be laid out,” said Jarvis.

Earlier this year, Vance County received a $2.45 million grant from the Rural ReadySites program for development of the industrial park located at the intersection of Bear Pond Road and US-1 Bypass in Henderson.

Jarvis said the County is currently working with a contractor to remove asbestos on the front half of an existing structure within the Industrial Park. Investment opportunities will be reviewed upon completion of clean-up on this property.

To hear the interview in its entirety, please click here.

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