Henderson City Council to Discuss Proposed Budget, Mon., May 13

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-Information courtesy Esther J. McCrackin, City Clerk, City of Henderson, NC

The Henderson City Council will hold their regular meeting on Monday, May 13, 2019, beginning at 6 p.m. in the R.G. (Chick) Young, Jr. Council Chambers of the Municipal Building located at 134 Rose Avenue in Henderson, NC.

Agenda items include:


a) Consideration of Approval of Ordinance 19-01, Amending the Zoning Map to Rezone 1337 Dabney Drive (Parcel 0013 03052), 1343 Dabney Drive (Parcel 0013 03001), and 1511 Lynne Avenue (Parcel 0013 03002) from OIA (Office Institutional “A”) District and R-8 (Moderate to High Density Residential) District to B-4 (Neighborhood Commercial) District.

(b) Consideration of 1) Holding a Public Hearing on the Question Annexing 429 Birch Street and 432 Bobbitt Street Pursuant to NCGS §160A-31, and 2) Consideration of Approval of Ordinance 19-16, 1) Extending the Corporate Limits of the City of Henderson, North Carolina; 2) Assignment of Newly Annexed Areas to Ward 4, and 3) Directing the City Attorney to Record Annexation with Vance County Board of Elections, Vance County Register of Deeds and the North Carolina Secretary of State.


a) Consideration of Approval of Ordinance 19-12, Amending Elmwood Cemetery City Code Article II Section 4-12, Cemetery Maintenance and Operation, and Article IV, Section 4-18, Plants, Flowers, Etc., and Section 4-22, Other Rules and Regulations Enumerated.

b) Consideration of Approval of 1 Ordinance 19-07, Amending Section 10-34 of the City Code Relative to Peddlers, Solicitors, Park Concessions and Food Trucks.

c) Consideration of Approval of Ordinance 19-20, Amending Section 7-48 of the Henderson Code of Ordinances Relative to Specific Streets.

d) Consideration of Approval of Ordinance 19-19, FY19 BA #32, Approving a Budget Amendment to Make Repairs at Red Bud and Industrial Park Pump Stations.


All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine or have been previously discussed, and can be approved in one motion unless a Council Member asks for separate consideration of an item.

a) Consideration of Approval of Resolution 19-21, Authorizing the Submission of an Application to the Bureau of Justice Assistance Office for the FY19 Bulletproof Vest Program Grant for the Police Department.

b) Consideration of Approval of Tax Releases and Refunds from Vance County for the Month of March 2019.


a) Pursuant to G.S.§143-318.11 (a)(6) regarding a Personnel Matter XIV.


a) Consideration of Stormwater Utility Ordinance.

b) Consideration of Beckford Drive Widening Project.

PROPOSED FY20 BUDGET PRESENTATION (To be Distributed at Meeting)

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