Corbitt Preservation Assoc. Finds ‘Golden Treasure’ in Rare Automobile

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-Information and photos courtesy Kenneth Stegall, Corbitt Preservation Association 

Excerpt from the Corbitt Preservation Association August Newsletter:

About two weeks ago, Charles Powell received a call from a lady saying she had a Corbitt Automobile. Charles asked everyone at the end of the Corbitt Preservation meeting if anyone would want to go with him to check it out and, of course, Steve Rosemond and Curtis Paul said “yes” right away.

So Saturday morning, August 10, Charles Powell, Steve Rosemond, Curtis Paul, Jerry Capps and Bruce Essick met at the lady’s house in Greensboro, NC.

When they opened the old barn door, there sat a Corbitt Automobile Body all nice and dry with its interior intact. The car even has the original VIN plate on the dashboard. This 4-door touring car was most likely built in 1911-1912. This is an amazing find, and we had to have it no matter what.

The lady agreed to sell it to the Corbitt Preservation Association for $1,500. We took the $1,500 out of our general fund in order to take possession of this golden treasure of ours.

We are now going to ask for donations to help replenish our $1,500 back to our general fund account. This was something we just could not live without.

The car body will be on display at our Corbitt Truck Show & Reunion in downtown Henderson on Saturday, October 19, 2019, for everyone to see and enjoy. We don’t know as of this moment how it will be displayed after the show, all we know is we are PROUD owners of a Corbitt Automobile body!

This also proves the importance of our website; without it, the lady would have never known who to contact about a Corbitt Automobile.

There is only one thing left to find, and that is a Corbitt Buggy. We believe we will find one, one day!

The Corbitt Preservation Association is strong and we have lots of dedicated people who love our brand. We will keep digging and digging until we find the next treasure. You never know what will happen next!

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