Brian Short Named NCAPCO Director of the Year

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Brian Short, the Henderson-Vance Emergency Management Director, has been named Director of the Year for the North Carolina Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials.

At a Monday evening meeting of the Vance County Firemen’s Association, Short smiled and said, “They caught me by surprise on that one.”

The Firemen’s Association met and Short was there in his capacity as E-911 and Emergency Operations Director. As he recently explained on WIZS TownTalk, mapping of the County and City remains essential so firemen and other emergency personnel can quickly arrive at precise locations.

With the ongoing possibility of fire redistricting in Vance County, new mapping will possibly be required to help lower ISO ratings as the County is looking at switching to 5-road miles districts, as in the distance from the fire station, from the existing 6-road miles districts.
As to the redistricting, WIZS News learned at the Association Meeting that the plan is to tackle this question in more detail after the early October ISO testing is completed. The plan in mid-to-late October is to involve the Volunteer Fire Department Chiefs and start looking at Vance County in four sections, addressing each quadrant until new plans can be proposed.

(Click the image, as it’s embedded courtesy of the NCAPCO on Facebook.)

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