Work Completed on Bennett H. Perry/Corbitt Museum Porch

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In the words of Kenneth Stegall, Corbitt Preservation Association member:

Just an update on the porch work at the Bennett H. Perry/Corbitt Museum. The job was just completed and, of course, we have an overrun due to damage underneath the porch.

The original project estimate was $6,000. With all the damage and rot under the porch, the total is now at $8,402.76. We received a grant for $6,855, plus we had a surplus from last year still available in the maintenance account for the museum. However, we need to make this up somehow, hopefully through some donations to the project.

The Corbitt Preservation Association will have a Spring Fling on April 25 this year to help with the cost. It would be nice to put some money back into the maintenance account since it is now depleted. What I am asking for is to try and cover the $549.09 that we had to take out of our general fund.

The museum is really a shining star in Henderson and for us as an association. Your help is greatly appreciated in this matter.

Donations may be mailed to:
Corbitt Preservation Association (CPA)
PO Box 74

Henderson, NC 27536

Photos courtesy Kenneth Stegall/Corbitt Preservation Association:

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