Town Talk 12/05/19: ‘Smart’ Technology is Watching & Listening!

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Thursday’s edition of WIZS’ Town Talk program featured a general discussion of “smart” technology (phones, televisions, baby monitors, etc.) and what is being heard, seen and recorded.

WIZS’ John Charles reminded listeners that anything that responds to a voice command has a microphone that is “listening” to conversations in your home and business.

Likewise, anything with a camera – such as most new smart televisions – has the potential to capture video images.

Smart technology also has the capability to track the user’s location at all times.

Just how much of what is being recorded and how the information is stored and used is unknown. What is clear, for better or worse, is that it is increasingly difficult to maintain a true sense of privacy in a more technological-savvy world.

To hear today’s segment in its entirety, go to and click on Town Talk.

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