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Perry Memorial Library

The Local Skinny! Events At Perry Memorial Library

The “mitten tree” at Perry Memorial Library will be up soon, providing some holiday cheer as a wintertime decoration as well as a resource for those in need of mittens and hats during the cold months ahead.

Last year’s tree was a success, but it was also funded with a “Kindness” grant, said Melody Peters, Youth Services director at the library. “We gave away over 200 items,” she said on Tuesday’s The Local Skinny!

“This is the first year we’ve asked for donations,” Peters added. Patrons are invited to drop of new or even gently used mittens, gloves and hats at any of the desks in the library.

If you’re shopping for yourself, consider grabbing an extra pair to donate, she said.

Peters said she’ll enlist the help of local knitters to whip up a few pairs as well when they’re at the library for their regular club gathering.

And who knows, maybe the newly formed Crochet group will help, too. The group of a dozen or more tweens and teens who are learning how to create with hook and yarn will meet again on Nov. 21 at 4 p.m. as part of the Survival Skills series.

“We have room for extras,” Peters said. “We have room to grow…we can open the doors to the Makerspace…(and we) can spill out into the teen area.” The library provides the crochet hooks and the yarn that the participants can take home to practice with.

Another program for youth is the Life Hacks series. The Nov. 14 program is titled “Fun With Finance,” and Peters said a local bank representative will be on hand to share some practical information that teens should know about money. The program, designed for high school students, begins at 4 p.m.

Not everything can be done with a swipe or a tap on your phone, Peters said, and she wants young people to know about things like rent, mortgages, checking accounts and more.

This program helps get them started on the path to financial literacy by “just getting them to understand the basics,” she said.

Learn more about Perry Memorial Library and its programs and services at https://www.perrylibrary.org/



Cooperative Extension With Paul McKenzie: What Works in the Garden

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Henderson Christmas Parade

The Local Skinny! Henderson Christmas Parade Is Coming

It may be hard to believe, but the Henderson Christmas parade is less than one month away.

The parade will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2 beginning at 2 p.m., according to parade organizers. And groups that want to be in the parade have until Nov. 24 – the day after Thanksgiving – to submit an entry form.

The entry form can be found at  www.hendersonncdowntown.org.

Entries will line up on Raleigh Road near the light at Burger King, and then will proceed down Raleigh Road before turning right onto Garnett Street. The parade route continues down Garnett Street and concludes at Rose Avenue, near First United Methodist Church and Sunrise Biscuit.

The parade is sponsored by the Henderson-Vance Downtown Development Commission and the Vance County Arts Council.




The Local Skinny! Grace Ministries Plans 7th Annual Thanksgiving Meal

The 7th annual Grace Ministries Thanksgiving meal giveaway is taking shape and organizer Bobby West said the plan is to provide 3,000 meals to folks in the community on Saturday, Nov. 18.

In addition to the Grace Ministries location at 215 Crozier St., West said there are a number of locations where individuals across Vance, Granville and Warren counties can go to pick up to-go plates, filled with pork loin, vegetables, stuffing and a dessert.

The event gets underway at 11 a.m., but there’s a lot of preparation that goes in to making that happen, West said on Monday’s The Local Skinny!

He said he expects to feed 1,000 at the Crozier Street location – folks can dine there or pick up a takeout plate.

All the other locations are takeout only, and West said they could use some volunteers to help, beginning at 8:30 on the morning of Nov. 18. “We’re going to need 2,000 plates ready to go by 11 o’clock,” he said.

It’ll probably take 100 or so volunteers that morning, West said, adding that there will be six or seven lines set up to pack all the plates. “We’ll pack them up fast, get them out the door and to the locations,” he said.

It’s their biggest outreach effort of the year, and West said he’s grateful to the churches in the area that help out each year. “We couldn’t without support of the community and other churches,” he said. “God has been so good to us…we just do it as an act of kindness – the world can use some more kindness.”

And cakes. They need cakes – 160, truth be told, West said, for each of those 3,000 plates. If you can help out, give him a call at 252.432.7124.

Monetary donations may be sent to Grace Ministries, P.O. Box 316, Henderson, NC 27536.

Following is the list of satellite locations that will have plates ready for distribution:

  • Grace Baptist Church near fairgrounds;
  • South Henderson Church of God set up last year at Rose’s on Dabney Drive;
  • Room At The Cross, 235 Booth Ave.;
  • Rushing Waters Outreach in Oxford;
  • Norlina Baptist Church, Norlina;
  • Old Aycock gym, Vicksboro Road, by New Sandy Creek Baptist Church;
  • West End Baptist Church, Dabney Drive;
  • Location across from standpipe on Andrews Avenue.



Cooperative Extension with Wayne Rowland: Thinning Pine Stands

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The Local Skinny! Pop The Hood: Repairing Dents, Dings And Scratches

For our sponsor, Advance Auto Parts, as part of a paid radio sponsorship on WIZS.

Don’t you just hate it when you get just a little too close to the mailbox with your car and you hear “that” sound – that metal on metal sound, just as you’re lowering your window to pick up the mail?

Even the most careful drivers can probably remember a similar experience, from a drive-thru bank or fast-food restaurant, or even a runaway grocery cart that came to a stop against your car’s side panel, leaving a little dent or ding.

How hard could it be to buff out a scratch, fill a ding or pop out a dent?

The folks at Advance Auto Parts can help you decide the materials you need to tackle the project yourself.

WIZS’s John Stevenson and Bill Harris discussed some how-to’s during the Pop The Hood segment of Thursday’s The Local Skinny!

“It’s not terribly hard,” Stevenson said of doing cosmetic work on your vehicle. “It’s just time-consuming. The more time you take, the better your results are going to be.”

A shallow scratch may be able to be buffed out, for example, but a deeper scrape could require some sanding before you add body filler and then paint.

Did you know that the sticker inside your vehicle’s door jamb is the place to look to find paint codes? The friendly staff at Advance Auto can find the paint to match the code and fix you up with the other items you need to tackle the job yourself.

Armed with a few items and a little bit of patience, you’ll have your vehicle looking great in a jiffy

Until the next time you get too close to the mailbox.

The information contained in this post is not advice from Advance Auto Parts or WIZS.  Safety First!  Always seek proper help.  This is presented for its informational value on and is part of a paid advertising sponsorship.



Cooperative Extension With Jamon Glover: Supervision And Safety, Pt. 2

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Home And Garden Show

On the Home and Garden Show with Vance Co. Cooperative Ext.

  • Drain water out of any sprayers or pumps.
  • Spend some time on equipment maintenance.
  • Harvest any mature fruits or vegetables today
  • Continue planting.
  • Bring indoors any plants that might freeze.
  • Check houseplants for repotting.
  • November is a great time to collect your Soil Samples when we get some rain. 2 week analysis time.
  • Research fruit crops.

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Vance Co. Regional Farmers Market

The Local Skinny! Hand Crafted Holiday Market Coming To The Farmers Market

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 18 and make plans to attend the special Hand Crafted Holiday Market at the Vance County Regional Farmers Market.

There will be plenty of vendors on hand for the market, which will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to Market Manager Pat Ayscue.

“Our very talented crafters have been planning and working overtime on unique gift ideas and

décor for the home or office,” Ayscue said. “Thanks to our farmers who have scheduled the planting and harvesting of our fall crops.”

There should be plenty of leafy greens and pumpkins available to create some delicious Thanksgiving dishes – all the things that make the holiday special. Sweet Inspirations will be well stocked with fresh baked goods and will be available to take special orders.

But Ayscue said folks can expect to find some special handcrafted items, too. The holiday market is sure to help you with gift-giving ideas.

From local honey, pickles, jams and pasture-raised meats, the Holiday Market will have something for everyone.

Contact Ayscue at payscue@vancecounty.org or text 252.425.2092.



Cooperative Extension With Paul McKenzie: What Works in the Garden

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