The Local Skinny! A Graduation Journey

Journey Coleman is a young woman on a mission. The easy part’s done – she is the first official graduate of Vance County High School’s Class of 2022. Vance County Schools held a graduation ceremony – just for her – on Thursday, July 29 at 3 p.m.

The hard part is yet to come, but Coleman has been determined since she was a little girl, her mother says. The hard part? Beating cancer.

Journey is the younger daughter of Sherronda Minor of Henderson and Richie Coleman of Fremont. She turned 18 in March, just a few months after getting the life-altering news that she had a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma.

Her mother spoke with WIZS News last week from her daughter’s hospital room at UNC Hospitals, where she receives her care. She got a chemo treatment on Wednesday, but by Thursday, she had spiked a fever of 102.3 and so back to the hospital she went. She developed pneumonia, Minor said. The chemo compromises her immune system and can cause complications.

Principal Rey Horner, Journey Coleman, Dr. Cindy Bennett

When hospital staff suggested she may not be able to attend the graduation, her mother told the 75 or so in attendance at the graduation that Journey didn’t even consider that an option. VCS Superintendent Dr. Cindy Bennett, along with school board chair Linda Cobb and members of Omega Phi Psi, Inc. and other district officials joined VCHS Principal Rey Horner at the commencement.

“She wasn’t due to graduate until next year,” Minor said. But Journey insisted on completing her course work early. She was not convinced by either her mother or her guidance counselor to shoot for perhaps a mid-year graduation in December, since she spends so much time in hospital getting treatments.

“And here she is, graduating,” Minor said. She said it was heartbreaking to hear her daughter say to her, “Mommy, I just knew I was going to die before I graduate.”

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“She had her computer at the hospital,” Minor said. “She was getting chemo and still doing schoolwork.” The plan hit a slight snag when she couldn’t find her charger cord and she couldn’t send her Math 4 work electronically, recalled Journey’s mom. Enter Journey’s godmother, who also happens to work at Vance County High School. She picked up the packet of work and delivered it to school so it could be checked off.

Minor said Journey’s cancer is very rare. It affects the soft muscle tissue. And that’s just what happened with Journey – she complained of pain in her foot. She was visiting her father in Fremont and the parents decided to take her to an orthopedist and podiatrist. After an initial consult on Wednesday, x-rays on Thursday and then an MRI, the parents got the phone call no parent wants to get: “They called us back the next day and said ‘We need to talk,’” Minor recalled.

She started chemotherapy treatments in early October 2020. Since then, doctors tell Minor that Journey’s Stage 4 cancer has spread; despite this news, Journey and her family are still hoping, still praying.

“She’s fighting it unbelievably,” Minor said. “She’s very strong.”

A happy graduate twirls and dances in front of the crowd!

And, once her body has had a chance to recover from the chemo treatments, Journey’s a normal teenager. She and extended family recently returned from a trip to Florida’s SeaWorld, Minor added.

Minor speaks about white counts, updating chemo regimens and regular stays in the hospital for treatments. She knows firsthand about how this all works – she is a cancer survivor herself. She was diagnosed in 2016 and received her care at Maria Parham Health. She is healthy today and said that, back in 2016, she didn’t understand God’s plan for her, why she was having to deal with cancer.

With more clarity now, she said her daughter has a very strong support group of family and friends. Chances are, they all helped to celebrate Journey’s high school graduation Thursday.

The post-graduation festivities include a meal with Journey’s hand-picked favorites: Buttered corn on the cob, collards and ham hock, potato salad, ribs and a ham that her dad is going to prepare. Oh, and cake.

A fitting meal for a deserving young woman and newest graduate of Vance County High School.

The Local Skinny! Home and Garden Show 7-28-21

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Farmers market and beekeepers update on the show today.  Also, electric fencing around gardens, mosquito mitigation, fall turnips and collards as well as yellowjacket nests.

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The Local Skinny Jobs In Vance

The H-V Chamber of Commerce and WIZS, Your Community Voice, present Jobs in Vance for July 27, 2021. The Chamber compiles the information, and it is presented here and on the radio. Contact the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce at 438-8414 or email to be included.

VANCE COUNTY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES – See experience required or apply online:

Finance Office

Deputy Finance Director

Performs professional work assisting with department operations; coordinating accounting, budgeting and revenue collections functions; preparing and maintaining detailed records and files; preparing reports, and related work as apparent or assigned.


Social Services

Social Worker III – Foster Care

This social work position provides Foster Care placement services for children (ages 14 – 21), LINKS services to teens ages 14-18 and extended foster care services to young adults ages 18-21. This social worker will also, perform On-Call duties during after- hours and weekends when the agency is closed and Disaster Duty as needed.  This position is expected to and required to work overtime as needed, outside of the normal work schedule of Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Accounting Specialist

Work involves making basic journal entries, reversing and correcting entries, auditing program expenditures and the interpretation of fiscal policies.

Social Worker IAT (Investigations)

The social worker will complete CPS Investigations/Assessments alleging the abuse, neglect and dependency of children. This social worker will also, perform on-call duties during after- hours and weekends when the agency is closed. This position also, is required to perform Disaster Duty as needed and required to work overtime prior to and after the regular work schedule Monday thru Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm.

Income Maintenance Supervisor – Family & Children’s Medicaid

This position is responsible for the administrative and technical supervision of a staff of income maintenance caseworkers.

Income Maintenance Caseworker III – Adult Medicaid

This position involves taking applications and determining eligibility and maintaining cases for Adult Medicaid services in Long Term Care, CAP and SA benefits. It includes interviewing clients receiving or applying for Long Term Care, CAP and Special Assistance benefits to gather data to determine eligibility. Verification of information, maintaining records and will also include maintenance of an ongoing caseload.

Income Maintenance Caseworker II – Adult Medicaid

This position involves taking applications and determining eligibility and maintaining cases for Adult Medicaid Services and SA Benefits.

Staff Development Specialist I

The position is to function as staff trainer and monitor for DSS staff, with emphasis on policy and NCFAST functionality.

Staff Development specialist II

Plan and conduct multiple training programs to meet organizational training needs. Work involves performance of tasks designed to enhance the competence of individual employees, in-service training, and training to develop skills in administrative and supervisory development.

Processing Assistant V

This position performs a variety of office assistance tasks in support of the administrative program and technical operations. Employee performs functions that include a diversity of records, reports, filing, public contact and other general office duties. This employee will be creating reports, compiling data, assisting caseworkers in providing services to clients and acting as back up for the agency’s front desk and providing other duties as assigned.

Social Worker III – Adult Services

This position provides case management to adults at risk of institutionalization. This position is also, responsible for On-Call duty for after hours, weekends, and holidays. Disaster Duty is an essential function of this position.

Social Work Supervisor III – Children’s Services

This position will provide oversight to three CPS ln-Home Social Workers and an intake Social Worker. This position will have the responsibility of overseeing timely case decisions regarding service delivery to children and their families.



Elections Specialist

Performs responsible administrative and clerical work in assisting the Director of Elections with various aspects of the elections process, especially registration and verification of voter information.


Fire Department

Fire Engineer

Performs responsible fire suppression and incident response activities including operating fire apparatus and participating in firefighting; may act in the absence of the Captain.

Required Certifications: Firefighter I/II, Driver Operator Pumps and Aerials, Emergency Vehicle Driver, Class B License, Hazardous Materials I, NIMS 100,200,700,800, EMT-Basic or ability to obtain in 18 months.


Performs responsible fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical and incident response activities; may require ability to operate fire apparatus in the absence of an Engineer.  This is a 24-hour position.

Requires Firefighter Level I/II Certification, EMT-Basic, NC Emergency Vehicle Driver, Hazardous Material Level I Certification, NIMS 100,200,300,400 or the ability to obtain in 18 months. Attach all certifications and transcripts.


Planning & Development

Planning Technician

Performs a variety of technical and administrative/clerical support duties for the Planning & Development office including reviewing development site plans for compliance to land use, watershed and related ordinances as well as floodplain requirements and issuing development permits after approval by the supervisor; assisting customers with land use and zoning regulation interpretations, answering questions and providing back-up to other administrative support staff; creating and maintaining records on all developmental permits.

Ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the planning field and of the County’s development regulations; good judgement and initiative required in the review of development applications; tact, courtesy and firmness required with considerable public contact with developers, property owners and the general public.


EMS Department – The Department is transitioning to a new 24/72 schedule


An employee in this class performs emergency medical procedures at the certified Paramedic level, performing professional advanced life support work in operating an approved mobile medical unit, rescuing victims and performing advanced emergency care including the administration of life sustaining treatment to patients on-site and while in route to  area hospitals. In addition, the employee serves as a Field Training Officer working with new and existing employees to improve and document skills.  Work involves responding to the scene of emergency and non-emergency calls, applying necessary medical treatment to sick or injured persons, and transporting persons to a medical facility.  Work requires considerable independent judgment in assessing the condition of patients and applying short-term relief. Employees are exposed to the normal hazards of emergency rescue work, including risk of exposure to human body fluids and infectious diseases, thus the work is subject to the OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogens.  Work is performed in accordance with established EMT and medical procedures and under departmental and local medical director approved protocols. Shift work is performed under the supervision of a Shift Supervisor, while training activities are under the supervision of both the Shift Supervisor and the departmental Training Officer.  Both training and paramedic duties are evaluated through peer review, conferences, observation, discussion of procedures at emergency scenes, and public feedback.


Performs basic life support, stabilization procedures, and emergency medical care at the EMT-Basic level of training and certification on a twenty-four hour shift providing EMS services for the County.

Currently this position works a 24 hour shift rotating 24 on, 24 off for three cycles before going on a 4-day off cycle.  The Annual Salary is $28,728, depending on years of experience as an EMT-B.  This salary range does not include mandatory overtime that comes with this position.

Community Paramedic

An employee in this class provides proactive care that is intended to help improve the overall health and wellness of program participants.  Expands access to non-urgent health care through in-home patient visits and/or community-based services.  Works in cooperation with other stakeholders/key medical providers.  Serves as a trained “navigator” of community resources.  Provides outreach education to citizens.  Employees perform emergency medical procedures at the certified Paramedic level.  Work includes participating in community outreach education, prevention programs, and participating in continuous in-service training.  Work is performed in accordance with established Emergency Medical Standard Operating Procedures Manual and under local medical director approved protocols.  Work is performed under the supervision of the EMS Director and EMS Division Chiefs.


Sheriff’s Office

Detention Officer

Performs inmate detention and care work in the County Detention Center.

Employees in this class work a rotating 12-hour shift and perform inmate intake, detention, care, transport, observation and release work in accordance with established policies and procedures. Work includes the observation and accompaniment of inmates inside the Detention Center and related care and recordkeeping requirements; and employees may be assigned to any work area within the facility and may also be assigned to accompany inmates to court or other assigned locations. Patience and firmness are required in frequent contacts with some violent, suicidal, and mentally unstable inmates. The employees are subject to hazards associated with custody work including working in inside environments, exposure to various hazards such as noise and a variety of physical conditions and close quarters. Employees may be exposed to blood borne pathogens. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the shift supervisor on the assigned shift, and is evaluated through observation.

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The Local Skinny! Ruin Creek Cruise-In Brings Classic Cars and Community Together

For some folks “a car was made for one purpose, to get from one place to tha ‘nother.”

For others, something happens along the way.  You fall in love with the car, or the engine, or the story of getting from that one place to another or the people riding with you.  And, when that happens, the car becomes a classic.

Car enthusiasts from North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and perhaps beyond will visit Henderson this weekend.  On Saturday, July 31 from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m., the second-ever Ruin Creek Cruise In will take place.

Admission is free for all.

Visit the car show that about 2,500 people showed up for in 2019.

It will take place across U.S. 158 Bypass from Charles Boyd Chevrolet Cadillac and is specifically at 284 US 158 Bypass if you’re putting it in your GPS.

The Ruin Creek Cruise In of Henderson is all about supporting the local Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, according to Brandon Boyd.

Boyd and the society’s volunteers, organizers and supporters have a passion about “saving animals from right here in Henderson at the Vance County Animal Shelter.”  Boyd said, “Krissie Newman, her non-profit The Rescue Ranch, is sponsoring this event this year.  Krissie is going to be there…It’s just going to be a special, special weekend here in Henderson.  We invite everybody to come out.  It’s going to be local vendors from all across this area, food, drinks, live music, and a good time had by all.”

Click play for Brandon Boyd’s Interview on The Local Skinny!

The Local Skinny: Recycling On The Rise In Granville

In the 12 years since Teresa Baker has been recycling and sustainability coordinator for Granville County and Granville County Public Schools, she has seen a lot of things change. And most of it is because of her efforts to get the community onboard with recycling.

“It’s improved tenfold,” Baker told Bill Harris on Thursday’s The Local Skinny! “It‘s just been amazing.”
When the county started this program 12 years ago, residents were separating newspaper from aluminum cans from glass bottles. Now, residents can simply collect all their recyclables in a single container, what the industry calls “single stream.”

Among her many job duties, Baker collaborates with GFL, formerly Waste Industries, to make sure all residents have the service they need so their recycling efforts are optimized.

By informing the community about events like the fall and spring household recycling events she hosts, Baker said Granville residents are keeping a lot of harmful items out of the environment.

“We can reuse a lot of stuff, we can repair and recycle” to keep things out of the landfill. She said the upcoming RepairCafé workshop is just another way to keep items from being added to the landfill. She and Oxford resident and RepairCafé organizer Don Fick have teamed up to have a workshop at the Granville Expo Center on Sept. 18.

The Local Skinny! Home And Garden Show With Wayne Rowland And Paul McKenzie

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The Local Skinny! each Wednesday on WIZS is the Vance County Cooperative Extension Service Home and Garden Show.


The Local Skinny! Jobs In Vance

The H-V Chamber of Commerce and WIZS, Your Community Voice, present Jobs in Vance for July 19th, 2021. The Chamber compiles the information, and it is presented here and on the radio. Contact the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce at 438-8414 or email to be included.

JOB OPENINGS IN VANCE COUNTY – Week of July 19, 2021



Name of the Company: Legacy Human Services

Jobs Available: Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor for Outpatient Program – Position requires Master’s degree in Human Services field, licensed as LCAS and valid NC driver’s License

Contact Person: Laura Newton

Method of Contact: come by the office at 626 S. Garnett St. for application or call 252-438-6700 Ext. 204 for more information



Name of the Company:  Legacy Human Services

Jobs Available: Full and Part time Direct Support Professionals – These positions are for the group homes which are 24- hour residential facilities serving adults with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities in Vance, Granville, Franklin and Warren Counties. These positions are for every other weekend and require sleepover. Positions require high school/GED and valid NC driver’s license.

Contact Person: Laura Newton

Method of Contact:   come by the office at 626 S. Garnett St. for application or call 252-438-6700 Ext. 204 for more information



Name of the Company:  Quality Equipment Company (John Deere Dealership)

Jobs Available:  Branch Administrator – requires clerical expertise with strong attention to detail, general accounting knowledge, strong people and communication skills, excellent organizational skills and the ability to use Microsoft Office applications. High School Degree or equivalent experience.

Method of Contact:  Apply in person at 70 John Deere Road in Henderson or go online to indeed website



Name of the Company: Vance County Economic Development Office

Jobs Available: Senior Administrative Support Specialist – this position assists with departmental activities including fielding inquiries and responding to requests for information from prospective businesses, meeting with entrepreneurs and small businesses, assisting with marketing initiatives and collaborating with partnering organizations. Must be self-motivated, have a positive attitude and a desire to help others.

Method of Contact:  Apply online at and click on Human Resources under the department tab




Name of the Company:  SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties

Jobs Available:  Service Technicians for first shift but opportunities for overtime hours – they provide fire, water and mold cleaning restoration services to homes and businesses. On-the-job training is provided.

Method of Contact: Apply in person at 260 Industry Drive in Henderson or email for an application




Name of the Company: Vance Charter School

Jobs Available: Substitute Teachers

Contact Person: Brian Mathis

Method of Contact: For more information or how to apply call the school at 252-431-0440 or apply online at and click on the employment openings tab

Some of these businesses are present or past advertisers of WIZS.  Being an ad client is not a condition of being listed or broadcast.  This is not a paid ad.


The Local Skinny! McClary To Speak At Living Stones Church Of God Worship Center in Oxford

WIZS has been asked to announce the appearance of a special guest speaker at Living Stones Church of God Worship Center.

First Lieutenant Patrick Cleburne McClary, III, USMC, Retired is a Vietnam War hero, and he will speak at Living Stones COG in conjunction with National Purple Heart Day.

National Purple Heart Day is August 7th and “Clebe” McClary, as he is known to thousands, will speak at Living Stones COG on August 8th.

The worship center is located at 6096 Tabbs Creek Road, Oxford.

Andy Roberson, Commander of American Legion Post 60, may be contacted for more information at 252-432-2432.

Praise and worship begins at 10:40 a.m., and guest speaker McClary will begin at 11 a.m.

Edward Woodlief, historian of Henderson American Legion Post 60, told WIZS News, “McClary is the recipient of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, three purple hearts, the Audie Murphy award and numerous other awards given him for combat during the Vietnam War. McClary, a South Carolina native, was seriously wounded but continued to lead his men while under enemy fire. After numerous surgeries and a long rehabilitation, he has become the symbol of courage and hope for audiences around the world.”

McClary is online at, and the site says, “During the Vietnam War, while some of his contemporaries were staging anti-war protests and desecrating the American flag, the Lowcountry (South Carolina) native was serving as a platoon leader in the First Reconnaissance Battalion. On the battalion’s 19th patrol, the unit was attacked by the Viet Cong. Lieutenant McClary was seriously wounded, losing his left arm and left eye, yet he continued to lead his men. The numerous surgeries and long recovery period that followed could have taken a bitter toll, but he faced his rehabilitation with characteristic determination. In the years since, Lieutenant McClary has become a symbol of courage and hope to the many audiences around the world with whom he has shared his story.”

For more, click play.

The Local Skinny! Home and Garden Show

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Each Wednesday WIZS Radio features the Home and Garden Show during The Local Skinny! time slot from 11:30 a.m. until 11:55 a.m.

Vance County Cooperative Extension agents Wayne Rowland and Paul McKenzie regularly announce the Home and Garden Show.

The Local Skinny! Jobs In Vance

The H-V Chamber of Commerce and WIZS, Your Community Voice, present Jobs in Vance for July 13th, 2021. The Chamber compiles the information, and it is presented here and on the radio. Contact the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce at 438-8414 or email to be included.


Medical Careers Readiness of North Carolina

Jobs Available: Pharmacy Technician Instructors – Associate’s Degree and some experience is required

Contact Person: NaOnnie Lee

Method of Contact: for inquires call 252-598-2020


Henderson YMCA

Jobs Available:  Nursery Staff and Bus Drivers – Benefits include free YMCA membership

Method of Contact:   Apply online at


Pizza Inn of Henderson

Contact Person: Manager Randy Poythress

Method of Contact:  Stop by 1250 Coble Blvd. to apply


Bojangles is hiring for both locations in Henderson

Jobs Available: Management Trainees and crew members. Must be 18 years or older to apply

Method of Contact:  apply online at or stop by locations on Dabney Drive and East Andrews Ave.


State Employees Credit Union

Jobs Available:  Financial Services Representatives

Method of Contact: Apply online at or stop by their location at 1795 Graham Ave. in Henderson


Vance County Public Schools

Jobs Available: Licensure Specialist, Electrician and Human Resources Generalist

Method of Contact: You can apply at Administrative Office on 1724 Graham Ave. in Henderson or go to to apply online


Hollander Sleep Products

Jobs Available: Logistics Coordinator

Method of Contact: You can apply through NC Works at 857 S. Beckford Drive in Henderson


Some of these businesses are present or past advertisers of WIZS.  Being an ad client is not a condition of being listed or broadcast.  This is not a paid ad.