New Phone Scam Prompts Sheriff Brame to Issue Further Warnings

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Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame is again reminding citizens to be aware of fraud, particularly gift card fraud.

Not only that, but someone, according to the Sheriff, is impersonating Brame and other deputies with a phone scam.

There has even been at least one confirmed instance of a person selling gift cards at local establishments stating he is associated with Sheriff Curtis Brame and the Vance County Sheriff’s Office.

Brame has said to WIZS that this is simply false. He said, “It is a scam.”

Brame also told WIZS News that buyers should use caution when purchasing “Green Dot” cards. Brame said these cards are often used in gift card scams because they are not traceable.

For the scammer, it’s the perfect cover. For the unsuspecting buyer, problems are likely to follow. Brame confirmed that in addition to being taken advantage of, the unsuspecting person becomes part of a money laundering crime.

Buyer beware! The Vance County Sheriff’s Office is in no way associated with these activities and reminds you point blank that they are scams.

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