Medicaid Debate Goes Beyond the Coverage Gap

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-Information courtesy Leslie Rudd, Office of the North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus

RALEIGH – Current Medicaid recipients in 27 counties received letters this month explaining the Medicaid transformation process. As part of a Republican plan created in 2015, up to 772,000 people currently on Medicaid have to transfer to a new managed care system by September 1; it’s up to DHHS to make sure changes to patient care and billing are completed by November 1.

The success of phase one of Medicaid transformation is tied to funding in the 2019-21 budget. As Republicans target DHHS and shut down budget negotiations over Medicaid expansion, they are also putting North Carolina’s current Medicaid patients at risk.

Vance County has close to 19,000 Medicaid recipients – including children and disabled adults.

A complete breakdown of Medicaid recipients can be found here:

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