Local Officials Hold ‘Open House’ for Raleigh Real Estate Team

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Dennis Jarvis, Henderson-Vance Economic Development Director, was on Thursday’s edition of WIZS’ Town Talk program to discuss a “familiarization meeting and information exchange” between local government officials and representatives from the Raleigh branch of the commercial property brokerage company, NAI Carolantic Realty.

According to Jarvis, approximately 20 Carolantic professionals heard from a delegation of Henderson and Vance County representatives from the City and County, including Mayor Eddie Ellington, City Manager Frank Frazier and County Manager Jordan McMillen, among several others.

“Our group spoke to the Carolantic team on real estate opportunities in the area from an economic development standpoint,” Jarvis explained. “We discussed the quality of life in this area, the diverse economy and the opportunity for ready-to-go sites.”

Jarvis said McMillen did “an excellent job” in presenting information to the Carolantic team on the County’s recent purchase of 84 acres for expansion of the Henderson-Vance Industrial Park while emphasizing the amenities of the area including water, sewer, natural gas and rail.

“We set the table [by saying] we have the workforce, we have the sites and we have the amenities,” said Jarvis.

As is often touted, Vance County’s proximity to major highways, short travel distance to the Raleigh/Durham area and less expensive operating costs were also mentioned by both groups as a potential boon to business growth.

With an organization that deals with real estate on a national and international level, Jarvis said it would be easy to think representatives wouldn’t be aware of specific opportunities in Vance County, NC. “You think you are going to be speaking with a group that doesn’t have any idea about Vance County, but they had one-on-one knowledge of properties for sale and industry clients.”

Based on Jarvis’ observations, both groups were impressed with what they heard. “I was pleased with Carolantic’s knowledge of the area. They understood the Kerr Lake aspect of the economy, the importance of the community college and were impressed with McGregor Hall.”

“They were also impressed with how the Embassy Foundation and the Perry Library started in a private sense, with no local dollars spent. They said it shows how our community can come together to create a vision, implement change and succeed.”

While no contracts were signed or promises made at this initial meeting, Jarvis said it was a very positive interaction. “Using the real estate context, it was like an open house for Vance County. We showcased who we are and familiarized them with the government officials they will potentially be working with moving forward.”

Jarvis said city and county officials plan to host two similar delegations with commercial brokerages between now and the end of March.

To hear the Town Talk interview in its entirety, please click here

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