Henderson City Council: Elmwood Cemetery, Food Trucks Under Review

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City Manager Frank Frazier was on Wednesday’s edition of WIZS’ Town Talk program to provide a brief overview of the Henderson City Council meeting held on Monday, April 8.

According to Frazier, the City Council voted to table the first agenda item, a public hearing and consideration of approval that would amend the zoning map to rezone two parcels on Dabney Drive and one parcel on Lynne Avenue in Henderson to a neighborhood commercial district.

Council members voted to table the discussion on the rezoning of those parcels citing a need for additional research and information.

In new business, the City Council voted to renew the City’s contract with Waste Industries, Inc. for curbside sanitation pickup services for an additional three-year period. Waste Industries has been contracted with the City since 2010, according to Frazier.

The City Council also approved the demolition of properties at 813 Andrews Avenue, 210 Chestnut Street and 435 Chestnut Street. Frazier reported that the 435 Chestnut Street location is jointly owned by the County of Vance; discussions will be held with the County on how to proceed.

Also approved was a proposal to purchase the property at the corner of Beckford Drive and Andrews Avenue. Frazier stated this land would be used for future City redevelopment endeavors, including a potential small park.

In the accompanying work session, City Council members discussed amending the City-owned Elmwood Cemetery’s maintenance and operation codes.

Frazier said some of the codes are dated and need revising, including codes for proper barricading of open grave sites and upkeep of flowers and memorials.

To “protect the integrity and appearance of Elmwood,” Frazier said the City Council is also reviewing ways to prevent issues with leaning tombstones and memorials due to uneven grounds.

Another work session discussion – amending ordinances related to peddlers, solicitors, park concessions and food trucks – centered around the increased interest in food truck operations in Henderson.

In response to the increase in inquiries, Frazier said the City Council seeks to be proactive in establishing ordinances guiding food truck operations. City Council members have held discussions with the Henderson Police Department to determine the best way to proceed.

According to Henderson Police Chief Marcus Barrow, proposed ordinances regarding food truck operations are fairly simple.

“My primary concern is safety and knowing who is providing services to our citizens,” said Barrow. “With food trucks, the criteria for a permit are having a certificate from the health department and having permission to set up at the location.”

The ordinance is straightforward; I did not recreate the wheel. It was pulled from other established ordinances from other municipalities. This ordinance will not be a hindrance, only a way to ensure safety for our citizens.”

Code amendments and proposed ordinances discussed at the work session will be presented to the entire Henderson City Council for review at their May meeting.

To hear the Town Talk interview with City Manager Frank Frazier in its entirety, click here.

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