Health Concerns at Creedmoor Elementary

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Granville County Public Schools administrative staff are currently addressing concerns with the facilities on the Creedmoor Elementary School campus.  On Wednesday, August 16, we received reports from staff about some possible spore growths in two classrooms.  On Thursday morning, August 17, we investigated the reports and widened our inspection to other areas of the school.  On Friday, August 18, we arranged for a professional laboratory to collect both air and surface samples throughout the school to be tested.  We received the preliminary results of these tests on Tuesday, August 22, which indicated the presence of mold.  On this same day, we contracted with a professional cleaning company to clean the affected areas in the school building.  They began preparations and staging of equipment on Wednesday, August 23.  We estimate that their work will be completed by the afternoon of Saturday, August 26.  We will conduct additional testing after cleaning is complete to determine if we can safely open the school to staff and students.  The safety of our students and staff is an absolute priority to Granville County Public Schools.  Our rapid response and immediate action are precautionary measures to protect everyone.

As a result of this intervention, the location of Open House on Thursday, August 24 was moved to the First Baptist Church located in downtown Creedmoor.  Also, depending on the pace of the cleaning work, we may find it appropriate to delay the opening of school a day or two.  Unfortunately, we will not know for certain until we have the official report late Saturday evening, August 26.  We will communicate additional updates no later than Sunday, August 27.

Please direct all inquiries on this matter to Dr. Stan Winborne, Executive Director of Operations, Human Resources, Communications and Safety.  [email protected]  (919) 693-4613

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