H-V Chamber, Economic Development & Partners Support Local Small Businesses

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Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce President Michele Burgess and Henderson-Vance Economic Development Commission Director Dennis Jarvis appeared on WIZS Town Talk Monday at 11 a.m.

Burgess reported that the Chamber of Commerce and Vance County Economic Development offices are working together in partnership with Vance-Granville Community College, the Kerr Tar Regional Council of Governments (COG), the Henderson Downtown Development Commission, and other entities to ensure local businesses, especially small business leaders, have updated information on remaining afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the U.S. Small Business Administration granting Governor Roy Cooper’s request for a disaster declaration, NC small businesses that are suffering economic losses due to coronavirus will have the opportunity to apply for low-interest economic injury disaster loans (EIDLs).

Applicants may apply online using the Electronic Loan Application (ELA) via SBA’s secure website at DisasterLoan.sba.gov.

While encouraged by the assistance provided by the SBA, Jarvis stated that there are also local organizations, such as the Kerr Tar COG, offering business owners a range of low-interest loans to suit their needs.

“It’s not any different than going to a traditional lender – the terms are the same, your amortization schedule is the same,” said Jarvis. “What they are able to do is to wave some requirements that are on traditional funding programs.”

The COG serves the five-county area of Vance, Granville, Warren, Franklin and Person and can be reached by phone at (252) 436-2040 or online at www.kerrtargcog.org.

For workers who have been laid off or temporarily furloughed due to the coronavirus shutdown, Governor Cooper’s office announced a relaxing of sorts on unemployment qualifications, including the removal of a one-week waiting period after termination and not holding employers responsible for benefits paid.

Burgess listed NC Works Career Center as a local Vance County agency that will assist with issues affecting your workforce such as lay-offs, hiring, etc. Visit them online at www.ncworks.gov or call (252) 438-6129 for assistance.

You may also visit the NC Department of Commerce’s Employment Security website for more detailed information (click here) and to apply for unemployment (click here).

Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak and its effect on local businesses and the economy may be obtained by visiting the Chamber’s website at www.hendersonvance.org and the Economic Development website at www.vancecountyedc.com.

According to Burgess, the website for the H-V Chamber of Commerce is being updated daily.  Clicking on the link at the top of the home page marked “COVID-19” will give viewers access to information including low-interest loans, phone numbers to call for questions about unemployment, employee layoffs, the latest news from the Granville Vance Public Health Department, etc.

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