Granville Visitors Spent More Than $52 Million in 2018

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-Press Release, Granville County Tourism Development Authority

In a recent announcement, Gov. Roy Cooper reported that visitors to North Carolina set a record for spending in 2018. The 2.3 billion in total spending represented an increase of 5.6 percent from 2017. The data comes from an annual study commissioned by Visit North Carolina, a unit of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

Granville County tourism helped contribute to this statewide increase, bringing in more than $52 million in 2018. This reported total equates to a 5.9 percent increase from the previous year’s expenditures, which is higher than the increase reported for the state. According to data shared in the report, Granville County’s share of local tax receipts for 2018 totaled $1.49 million, with $3.07 million in state tax receipts reported.

Granville County Tourism Development Director Angela Allen attributes the county-wide growth in tourism and visitor spending to a growing local economy, such as the opening of new restaurants and gathering places, as well as a greater awareness of events and attractions that can be enjoyed in our area.

“As more and more people are discovering what Granville County has to offer  – our welcoming atmosphere, hometown charm and relaxed lifestyle –  we are quickly becoming a choice destination,” Allen remarked. “Our recently-launched marketing campaign bears this out – we are ‘Uniquely Carolina.’”

Visitor spending in Granville County has seen a steady increase over the past decade, rising from approximately $36 million in 2009 to $43 million in a time span of four years. The report from 2014 reflected $44 million generated by visitor spending, with an increase to $45 million in 2015, $47 million in 2016 and $49 million reported last year.

According to a press release issued by Gov. Cooper’s office, North Carolina visitors spent more than $65 million per day in 2018, with each household saving approximately $530 (on average) in state and local taxes as a direct result of the tourism industry.

“North Carolina is a welcoming place to stay for the nearly 50 million visitors who travel here each year, employing more than 225,000 people across more than 45,000 businesses last year,” Gov. Cooper remarked. “I’m proud of the way tourism continues to fuel growth in communities across our state.”

To learn more about tourism and events/attractions in Granville County, log onto, or contact Angela Allen, Tourism Director, by phone at 919-693-6125 or by email at [email protected].

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