Granville Tourism Development Authority Wins Regional Award

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-Press Release, Granville County Government

At their annual Southeast Tourism Society (STS) Connections Conference held in Little Rock, Arkansas, Granville County’s Tourism Director Angela Allen and the Granville County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) was recognized with the Best Marketing Shining Example Award for its “Uniquely Carolina” campaign.

Granville County Tourism Director Angela Allen was recently recognized with the “Shining Example” award by the Southeast Tourism Society. (Photo courtesy Granville Co. Govt.)

The “Uniquely Carolina” brand was unveiled at the 2019 Hot Sauce Festival this past September and has already received top honors by the North Carolina Travel Association. According to Allen, the need to refresh the brand was long overdue, as there was no consistent or unique brand message to deliver a compelling reason to visit Granville County.

As part of the re-branding process, Allen and the TDA Board of Directors interviewed over 100 county stakeholders, including industry partners, government officials, community leaders and local volunteers. They also conducted focus groups, with community outreach including the completion of surveys to residents, community leaders and teachers.

“We developed our brand with input from those in the community,” Allen explains. “Granville County offers outdoor spaces where visitors can come and relax, festivals and venues where they can gather with friends, and shops, restaurants, farms and markets where they can step away and discover Granville County. We really feel the new brand and identity captures our county and the tourism community.”

The Southeast Tourism Society is comprised of all states in the southeast, stretching beyond the Mississippi River to include Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. STS brings together tourism professionals from the state and local levels who share the mutual belief that regional promotion of tourism creates a powerful marketing alliance.

As part of this partnership, STS evaluates marketing programs of the 13 states in the southeast region, selecting three as the “best of the best.” The three winners are identified by size: smaller community, mid-size, and large city/state levels.

“We are thrilled to see Angela Allen win a Shining Example award for such a great campaign,” said Wit Tuttell, Vice-President of Tourism and Marketing for North Carolina. “This campaign does an excellent job focusing on the authentic experiences in Granville. That’s exactly what visitors want to know, and it fits perfectly with our efforts to promote ‘Firsts That Last’ for people who visit North Carolina.”

Additionally, the state of North Carolina was recognized with the marketing award on the state level.

“We are part of the Carolinas,” Angela further explains. “North Carolina has an incredibly positive image with residents and travelers. We want to continue to capture and reflect the attraction of being in North Carolina, so for the professionals across STS to recognize the work in Granville as the best across all 13 states in the region is actually a tribute to the whole community.”

For more information about Granville County’s “Uniquely Carolina” campaign, or to find out more about the local tourism industry, contact Allen at 919-693-6125 or at [email protected]. Those interested in the local events and attractions that bring visitors to our area can also visit

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