Granville County Board of Commissioners Agenda 06-17-19

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June 17, 2019 – Regular Meeting

Consent Agenda

1. Contingency Summary (p. 1)
2. Budget Amendment #8 (p. 3)
3. Project Ordinance Amendment #3 – Law Enforcement Center (p. 8)
4. School Facility Roof and HVAC Roof Repair Project Ordinance Amendment (p.10)
5. Tax Releases and Refunds (p. 12)
6. Closing of BB&T -DSS/AFDC Checking Account (p. 13)

Recognitions and Presentations

7. Recognition of L.C. Adcock (p. 15)
8. Summer Civic Leadership Program-Intern Introductions (p. 17)

Public Comments

9. Public Comments (p. 18)

Public Hearings

10. Preliminary Assessment Roll – Fieldstone West Subdivision (p. 19)
11. Land Development Code Text Amendment Petition Subdivision Definition (p. 42)
12. Land Development Code Text Amendment Petition Cluster Subdivisions (p. 49)
13. Land Development Code Text Amendment Petition Streetscape Buffer (p. 57)

Grant Matters

14. Home & Community Care Block Grant (p. 66)

Animal Management Matters

15. County Ordinance – Chapter 11: Animals – Second Reading (p. 70)

Human Resources Matters

16. Pay and Classification Study (p. 105)


17. Oxford Planning Board – Extraterritorial Member (p. 120)
18. Aeronautics Authority of the City of Henderson, City of Oxford, County of Granville and County of Vance (p. 121)
19. Fire Services Committee (p. 122)
20. Granville County Jury Commission (p. 123)
21. Vance-Granville Community College Board of Trustees (p. 124)

County Manager’s Report

22. Broadband Contract (p. 126)
23. NACo Voting Delegate (p. 162)
24. Board of Education Property Offer (p. 170)

County Attorney’s Report
25. County Attorney’s Report (p. 173)

Presentations by County Board Members
26. Presentations by County Board Members (p. 174)

Any Other Matters
27. Any Other Matters (p. 175)

Closed Session
28. Closed Session as allowed by G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3) – Attorney-Client Matter (p. 176)

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