220 Seafood Fundraiser to Benefit Henderson Men’s Shelter, Hope House

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Jane King, volunteer coordinator for Community Partners of Hope, Inc. was on Thursday’s edition of WIZS’ Town Talk program to discuss the organization’s biggest fundraiser event of the year – a fish fry to be held at 220 Seafood on Monday, April 29, 2019, from 4 until 7 p.m.

The meal includes trout, fries, coleslaw and hushpuppies for $7 per plate. Plates are available for drive-thru style pick up or guests are welcome to eat inside. Additional tickets will be available at the door.

“Several years ago, we broke the record for 220 fundraisers and had over 1,400 dinners served in one night,” King said. “We hope to increase that number this year!”

King is pleased to announce that the organization has a “good number” of volunteers committed to assisting with the fish fry, including a local school group.

“The National Honor Society at Crossroads Christian School has volunteered for several years now. They also help serve meals at the Men’s Shelter. We expect 17 young people to help with this year’s fundraiser.”

Proceeds from the fish fry help fund Community Partners of Hope’s two main projects – the Henderson Men’s Shelter and the Hope House.

In discussing the outcome of the recent winter season at the shelter, King said the organization was pleased with its overall numbers.

“We served 50 men through the winter season, with an average stay of 10 nights. Two moved into Hope House; others were able to find housing or help with housing by being connected to Social Services, Veteran Affairs, Disability Services, etc.”

Currently located in the basement of First Presbyterian Church, King said the long-term goal for the Henderson Men’s Shelter is to find a permanent, independent location.

When asked what it would take to make that happen, King responded honestly, “We need a lot of money. If we find a permanent location, we are going to have to put money into upgrading it to what we need or build a building. There will be ongoing utilities and salaries. Also, I’m afraid we’re coming close to needing a new roof on Hope House; those don’t come cheap.”

Hope House is considered “a step up” in that it allows men from the Henderson Shelter, or other shelters, a place to stay along with an assigned mentor for a small fee. “Most men are working when they move in but may not yet be fully employed. Living in Hope House allows them to save money while working and assists them in finding permanent housing,” King said.

King reported that 40 men have resided in Hope House in the four years that it has been in operation.

Looking even further into the future, King said that she would like to see family shelters in the area. “There are currently men’s shelters and women’s shelters but not somewhere for a family to go.”

To help Community Partners of Hope meet their financial needs, and to feed yourself and your family on Monday evening, please consider supporting the organization’s 220 Seafood fundraiser. 220 Seafood is located at 1812 N. Garnett St. in Henderson.

To hear the Town Talk interview with Jane King in its entirety, click here.

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