The Local Skinny! Pink With A Passion Cancer Walk

The second “Pink With A Passion” cancer walk planned for Saturday, April
15 in Warren County grew out of one woman’s desire to pay it forward. And Amena Wilson wants to see all the colors of cancer represented. This year’s theme, in fact, is “Fight cancer in all colors,” Wilson told John C. Rose during Thursday’s segment of The Local Skinny!.

“We are celebrating all types of cancer survivors,” Wilson said. “It’s going to be a day with great meaning,” she added, filled with music, testimonies and encouragement for anyone whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Wilson is president of the nonprofit group, which she founded after a 2017 breast cancer diagnosis – thus, the color in the organization’s name.
Wilson said she hopes there will be all colors associated with particular cancers present for the event, which will be held at the Warren County Rec Complex from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It’s going to be “a day of celebration for patients, survivors, caregivers,” Wilson said. There will be food trucks and vendors, as well as music and other entertainment throughout the day.

Walkers are encouraged to wear whatever color represents the cancer that has affected them or loved ones they’ve cared for. “It’s going to be a day with great meaning,” she said.

This event is NOT a fundraiser, Wilson emphasized; rather, it’s just a small way to show support and encouragement to cancer patients and to survivors.

And it’s not just for Warren County residents – “we welcome anybody, near and far…we would love to have you,” Wilson said.

Wilson can be contacted at 252.213.5735 to learn more.

Here are some common cancers and their colors:

Lung cancer: white
Brain cancer: grey
Breast cancer: pink
Liver cancer: emerald green
Lymphoma: lime green
Prostate cancer: light blue
Stomach cancer: periwinkle blue
Bone cancer: yellow
Leukemia: orange
Skin: black
Colon: dark blue



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