Granville Co. Public Schools Seeking Sponsors for 2019 Spelling Bee

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-Press Release, Granville County Public Schools

Granville County Public Schools will hold their second District Spelling Bee in the spring of next year for intermediate elementary students. Students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades are presently trying out for their school spelling bees.

The local school spelling competitions are scheduled to take place in January. One winner from each of the eight elementary schools will then vie for the GCPS Trophy on stage at Tar River Elementary on March 14, 2019.

This year’s words for qualifying were selected by the Scripps National Spelling Bee from fiction and non-fiction literature, both contemporary and classic. The 450 words come from books carefully selected by the Bee’s editorial team for their age-appropriate and engaging content, as well as their rich vocabulary. All words on Scripps word lists are entries in Merriam-Webster Unabridged, the official dictionary of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Since there is no regional bee in this part of North Carolina, the school system hopes to send our winner to the National Spelling Bee in May, says Director of Student and Support Services, Dr. Tonya Thomas, if local sponsors can be found. She and Superintendent Dr. Alisa McLean would like to see a student from Granville County have the opportunity to participate in the exciting and life-changing experience and are seeking sponsors.

The winning speller and his/her family would meet families from around the country, sharing their stories as they practice spelling, and enjoying a week of activities planned just for them. Donations from local sponsors will help pay the registration fee, housing, and transportation for the student.  In addition, sponsors may join the School System in planning and hosting the Granville County Bee.

Contact Dr. Tonya Thomas at the Granville County Public School office in Oxford at 919-693-4613 if you or your company would like to make attending this grand event possible for one of our terrific students!

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