District Attorney Waters Addresses Granville Sheriff Investigation

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-Press Release, Office of District Attorney Michael D. Waters

Statement of District Attorney Michael D. Waters 

As reported, the Grand Jury of Granville County returned indictments on Monday, September 16, 2019, against Sheriff Brindell Wilkins for felony obstruction of justice. The investigation that led to these indictments has been led by Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman at my request, beginning in November of 2018. My request of Ms. Freeman came following conversations with the State Bureau of Investigation and Ms. Freeman, with the intent of avoiding any conflict that may arise by my being involved in this matter as a witness. 

In 2014, while I was still in private practice, a client provided to me a recording that I immediately turned over to investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and subsequently provided to the State Bureau of Investigation.

At all times since then, I have cooperated with investigators, and once Ms. Freeman opened a criminal investigation, have urged that this matter be given investigative priority. I understand it is a matter of great importance to the people of Granville County, and it has been a point of frustration that the investigative process has not been more expeditious. 

As District Attorney for Granville County, I am concerned with the allegations set forth in the indictments against Sheriff Wilkins. Any allegations of wrongdoing by law enforcement are troubling, especially when they involve the elected Sheriff in whom the community has placed its trust. The justice system must be fair and impartial. No one is above the law. 

Over the next few months, my office will continue to aid the ongoing investigation as requested, while we continue to do our daily work of protecting victims, prosecuting those who violate the law, and seeing that justice is administered.

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