*FOUND* 2017 Shamrock Contest *FOUND*

Congratulations to Gary Daeke who found the Shamrock on Thursday 3/16/17. 

It was located at the Vance County Animal Shelter, at the tree line under a log. Listen to Town Talk on our website for Friday 3/17/17 to hear how he found it!


Can you help Cullen find his lucky Shamrock?

Cullen the merry little leprechaun lost his shamrock while traveling through Vance and Granville Counties and needs YOUR help to find it!

Each weekday, a new clue will be posted to the website and Facebook page. Bonus clues will also be given out over the air from time to time, so be sure to listen for your best chance to win. Bonus clues will only be given out once, so don’t miss them.  This year’s prize is $400 CASH. Good Luck!

Note: If you have won a prize within the last 30 days you will still be eligible to win the prize if you find the Shamrock.

Clues to find Cullen’s Shamrock: 

  1. Cullen the leprechaun has been traveling so long, he doesn’t know in which direction he’s gone.
  2. If you are getting started this early hour, walk due South from the Clock Tower.
  3. During your walk if you’ve come to the “line”, you may want to turn around to save some time.
  4. Going to see Benjamin won’t do you any good, but either Earl or Zeb may have a little something under the hood.
  5. The Shamrock may be ‘hard’ to find, but where it lays may not be…keep that in mind.
  6. Remember, if you’re on your knees, you may not see the forest before you see the trees.
  7. Careful traveling by the light of the moon, if you hear a howl you may see the Shamrock soon.
  8. If you’re in Vance County, you haven’t traveled too far; for where the Shamrock lies, you can hear cars.
  9. Once you find the Shamrock this year, be sure to say hi and thank our little friends who are near.