District Attorney’s Schedule June 2017

Thurs, June 1                        ##Vance District Court (Keith) – Louis, Watson/Hargrove

Granville Dispo Court (Burnette) – Putney, Sellars, Gregory, Allen, Dickerson

Franklin Trial Prep – Gardner, Hunter


Fri, June 2                             Franklin Trial Prep – Gardner, Hunter


Mon, June 5                          Franklin Trial Court (Holt) – Gardner, Hunter, Johnson

##Franklin District Court (Thompson) – Louis, Roberson

Vance District Court (Davis) – Gregory, Watson/Hargrove

##Granville District Court (Stevenson) – Sellars, Allen


Tues, June 6                          **Franklin District Court (Davis) – Sellars, Gregory, Roberson

Vance District Court (Burnette) – Erdmann, Watson/Hargrove

Granville Juvenile Court (Thompson) – Putney


Wed, June 7                          ##Granville District Court (Burnette) – Louis, Allen

Warren District Court (Thompson) – Fuller, Raymond


Thurs, June 8                        Franklin Juvenile Court (Davis) – Erdmann

##Vance District Court (Burnette) – Louis, Watson/Hargrove

Vance Trial Prep – Pelfrey, Fuller

Granville CMS Prep – Sellars, Putney


Fri, June 9                             Vance Juvenile Court (Stevenson) – Erdmann

Vance Trial Prep – Pelfrey, Fuller

Granville CMS Prep –   Sellars, Putney


Mon, June 12                       Vance Trial Court (Heath) – Pelfrey, Fuller, Brickhouse

                Granville CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Sellars, Putney, Pendergrass, Garrett

                                                Franklin District Court (Keith) – Erdmann, Roberson

##Vance District Court (Stevenson) – Gregory, Watson/Hargrove

**Granville District Court (Burnette) – Louis, Allen

Franklin CMS Prep – Gardner, Hunter


Tues, June 13                       Granville CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Sellars, Putney, Pendergrass, Garrett

                                                Franklin District Court (Stevenson) – Louis, Roberson

Vance District Court (Davis) – Erdmann, Watson/Hargrove

Warren Juvenile Court (Keith) – Gregory

Franklin CMS Prep – Gardner

Vance County Clerk’s Office Hours, Attorneys, 2:00-4:00 pm – Gregory


Wed, June 14                       Franklin CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Gardner, Pendergrass, Johnson

                                Granville District Court (Thompson) – Sellars, Allen

**Warren District Court (Keith) – Putney, Raymond

Vance County Clerk’s Office Hours, Public, 2:00-4:00 pm – Gregory


Thurs, June 15                     Franklin CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Gardner, Pendergrass, Johnson

Vance Dispo Court (Burnette) – Putney, Sellars, Louis, Watson, Hargrove


Fri, June 16                           Granville Juvenile Court (Thompson) – Putney


Mon, June 19                                                       No Criminal Court


Tues, June 20                                                       No Criminal Court


Wed, June 21                                                       No Criminal Court


Thurs, June 22                     Franklin County Clerk’s Office Hours, 2:00-4:00 pm – Hunter

Warren CMS Prep – Fuller

Fri, June 23                           Franklin Dispo Court (Keith) – Gardner, Hunter, Erdmann, Tart, Roberson

Warren CMS Prep – Fuller


Mon, June 26                       Warren CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Fuller, Pendergrass, Raymond

Franklin District Court (Burnette) – Gardner, Roberson

Vance District Court (Keith) – Hunter, Watson/Hargrove

Granville District Court (Davis) – Putney, Allen

Vance CMS Prep – Pelfrey, Erdmann, Louis


Tues, June 27                       Vance Probation Court (O’Foghludha) – Gregory, Pendergrass

Franklin District Court (Davis) – Hunter, Roberson

##Vance District Court (Stevenson) – Gardner, Watson/Hargrove

Warren Juvenile Court (Keith) – Putney

Vance CMS Prep – Pelfrey, Fuller, Erdmann, Louis


Wed, June 28                       Vance CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Pelfrey, Fuller, Louis, Erdmann, Pendergrass, Brickhouse

                                                Franklin Juvenile Court (Davis) – Gardner

Granville District Court (Keith) – Gregory, Allen

Warren District Court (Burnette) – Sellars, Putney, Raymond


Thurs, June 29                     Vance CMS Court (O’Foghludha) – Pelfrey, Fuller, Louis, Erdmann, Pendergrass, Brickhouse

                                                **Vance District Court (Burnette) – Hunter, Watson/Hargrove

Warren Trial Prep – Fuller


Fri, June 30                           Vance Juvenile Court (Stevenson) – Putney

Warren Trial Prep – Fuller


**mediator available**

##9:30 am regular docket, PLUS POSSIBLE 2:15 pm DWI docket##


Granville Chamber Looking for Leadership Granville Participants

Participants are requested for the upcoming Leadership Granville program, which will begin mid-September and end with graduation early-April 2018.  Individuals with a sincere and genuine interest in future service to the community and those who have demonstrated commitment by previous community activities are encouraged to apply.  Also, individuals interested in assuming leadership positions within their organization and/or community should apply.

The program consists of approximately twenty sessions, most of which are evening.  Session highlights include:  leadership assessment and development, personal and group dynamics, county history, city-county-state governments, education, the arts, agriculture, economics-industry-small business, health services and volunteer agencies, human services, community support, tourism, judiciary and law enforcement, visiting manufacturers, farm, industries, businesses, etc.

Sponsored by the Granville County Chamber of Commerce, Granville County Public Schools and Vance-Granville Community College, Leadership Granville offers citizens of Granville County the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the community and develop their leadership potential.  It offers new citizens an opportunity to become personally and professionally acquainted with county structure and life, which can benefit their present and future leadership.

Interested individuals should contact one of the Chamber’s office locations – 124 Hillsboro Street in Oxford/Wanda, 919.693.6125, wanda@granville-chamber.com  or 1598 Highway #56, Butner/Toni Anne, 919.528.4994, tawheeler@granville-chamber.com.

Noted author salutes VGCC Adult Basic Skills graduates


Graduates of Vance-Granville Community College’s Adult Basic Skills programs were encouraged to adopt a can-do attitude and keep learning at their commencement exercises on May 4. The honorees were among those students who have completed either the Adult High School Diploma program or the High School Equivalency program in the past year.

The principal commencement speaker was Dr. Timothy B. Tyson, an award-winning author and Duke University professor who spent part of his childhood in Oxford and now resides in Durham. Tyson recalled that although he now holds a doctoral degree, he did not usually enjoy school as a child.

“I slowly began to withdraw from school,” Tyson said. “I went less and less, and I found other things to do. I dropped out of high school as a junior. I became a construction laborer and then a cook.” But a young woman he was dating, who was in graduate school, told him that he would like college, arguing that it was quite different from high school. “I started at a community college, where I found intellectual excitement and I did well, and then I transferred to UNC-Greensboro,” Tyson said. “I loved college. It was a place where independent thought and passion were rewarded.”

Over time, Tyson discovered more and more educational opportunities that he did not know existed. He encouraged the graduates not to limit themselves but to keep striving for more. “You’re not stuck in some place that your past performance has put you,” Tyson told them. “You can’t let anybody stop you and put you in a box. Keep looking forward and figure it out. There’s a way to do it. It’s not as though, if you took a wrong turn at the beginning, somehow you’re stuck in that groove. You can navigate this, and you can end up doing what God put you here to do.”

The author said he was “thrilled” to witness this “proud and important moment” for the graduating students. “Your education will affect yourself, your children and people who are yet unborn, but it’s not just about advancing yourself, it’s about lifting up everybody,” Tyson said. “Each of us, day to day, doing our own bit, can change the world and have changed the world.”

Speaking on behalf of the graduating students during the ceremony was Spencer Bojan Boyd of Oxford. Boyd completed the Adult High School Diploma program online. A native of Serbia, he was adopted at the age of six by a family in Johnston County, who later moved to Granville County. He was born without a right leg and with a distorted left leg, which was later amputated. “Throughout my journey, my friends and family, particularly my mother, have stuck by my side, supporting me, saying ‘yes, you can,’” Boyd said.

He said his mother’s insistence pushed him forward, so that now, “I am an adult high school graduate – yes, I am. To be clear, I didn’t become a graduate solely on my mother’s belief that I could. I’m an adult high school graduate because Vance-Granville Community College also believes in ‘Yes, you can.’” He said the online program allowed him flexibility and time to focus.

“Through its resources, VGCC has helped me graduate high school and is in the process of helping me into college,” he said. “By extending my education beyond high school, I will be able to discover new doors and opportunities.” Boyd recently enrolled in the College Transfer program at VGCC. He plans to complete two years at the college and then continue his education at a four-year university to study orthotics and prosthetics to help other amputees. “I hope to encourage, support and take care of those who are less fortunate than myself,” Boyd said. “I hope to use the tools that Vance-Granville provided in the future and really get a hold of my purpose in life.”

He concluded, “No matter what obstacle comes your way or how many hardships in life you face, you can turn the idea of ‘this is impossible; I can’t do this’ into ‘Yes, I can, and yes, I have!’ and the fact that I stand before you as a proud graduate is living proof. Mom, yes, I can. VGCC, yes, I can. Henderson, North Carolina, yes, I can. Serbia, yes, I can. The world, yes, I can.”

In welcoming remarks, VGCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Angela Ballentine congratulated the graduates. “You saw an opportunity to improve your life through education, and you seized that opportunity,” she said. Ballentine urged them to continue their education and invited them to meet with college faculty and staff at the conclusion of the ceremony. “This could be the first of many commencement exercises for you,” she said.

Following Tyson’s address, Dr. Stelfanie Williams, the president of VGCC, praised the graduates and applauded the Basic Skills faculty for preparing students to succeed. “Commencement, as you know, does not mean ‘an ending’ — it means ‘a beginning,’ and that is especially true for this occasion,” she told the graduates. As an extra incentive for graduates to begin their collegiate studies, Williams announced that each would receive a certificate worth free tuition and fees for one semester of courses in curriculum programs at VGCC, absorbing costs not covered by federal financial aid. “This certificate for tuition and fees is our way of saying ‘congratulations’ and ‘keep going,’” the president said.

After VGCC Adult Basic Skills department chair Greg Nash announced the candidates for graduation, Dr. Ballentine assisted President Williams in presenting diplomas.


Oxford Prep Teacher named recipient to Fulbright-Hays Program

Ms. Rita Ulrich has been named a recipient of the Fulbright-Hays program for the summer of 2017. She will be studying in Bulgaria. The Fulbright-Hays program to Bulgaria will focus on the nation’s relationship as part of the European Union, N.A.T.O. and the neighboring countries of Turkey and Russia. Over the four weeks, the program will highlight the role that globalization has played in Bulgaria’s development since joining with the E.U.  This study will include the impact that refugee migration into the country has had on the economy, culture, education, and demographics, as well as the results of the “brain drain” of Bulgarians who have left for better opportunities elsewhere.

Ms. Ulrich is the social studies teacher for 7th and 8th grade, as well as psychology teacher to advanced placement students at Oxford Prep. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a double bachelors in social science education and psychology. Ms. Ulrich also has a masters degree in international education from the University of Sydney, Australia. After teaching in both South Korea and China for four years, she returned to the United States two years ago to continue my teaching career at an American school. The reason she applied to the Fulbright-Hays program is to expand my knowledge of the changing dynamics of Eastern Europe, as well as educate myself in how the larger global issues are impacting Bulgaria and surrounding region. Ms. Ulrich states that “It is my goal that the Fulbright program will provide opportunities to connect with the people of Bulgaria who are living through the constant global change in the nation, bringing their varying and diverse experiences back to the classroom. Students who will be enrolled in my A.P. psychology class will then have a chance to analyze how the concepts they learn actually play out in the real world through individual stories and lesson based around these very topics.”

Two VGCC students awarded Mike Bradley memorial scholarships

Brady, a company that provides energy-efficient HVAC systems and comprehensive building solutions for commercial and industrial facilities across North Carolina, recently awarded the annual Mike Bradley Memorial Scholarships to Vance-Granville Community College students Michael Hall of Creedmoor and Cedric Rodebaugh of Franklinton.

Both students, who are studying Welding Technology at VGCC, received a $500 scholarship to help fund their education.

Established by the Association of Community College Facility Operations (ACCFO) in 2014, the Bradley Memorial Scholarship was named in honor of Mike Bradley by his long-time employer, Brady Services. Bradley served as an outspoken supporter of and advocate for ACCFO and was passionate about the North Carolina Community College System, as a graduate of Wake Technical Community College. He passed away suddenly in 2014 after working with Brady for more than 30 years. In his memory, Brady funds the scholarship to be given annually to students at one member college. This was the first year that VGCC has been selected as the recipient school.

ACCFO members are employed as maintenance directors, managers, supervisors, physical plant managers and foremen employed by North Carolina Community Colleges to oversee physical plant operations and buildings and grounds maintenance.

Representatives of Brady recently made a visit to VGCC’s Main Campus to meet the two scholarship recipients and hold a luncheon in their honor. The officials from the company included Brady Vice President of Direct Sales Brad Resler of Greensboro, Account Services Representative Lina Lindberg of Morrisville and Director of Business and Leadership Development Phil Kirk of Raleigh, who is also a former member of the State Board of Community Colleges.

“Brady is a North Carolina company, and one of our missions is to be supportive of our associates and our community,” Resler told college officials and the students at the luncheon. “We had a tragedy strike us about two and a half years ago, with the passing of one of our associates, Mike Bradley. Through this scholarship, we remember him and carry on his legacy in a way that gives back to our community colleges and helps grow the vocational trades in North Carolina.”

Resler added that the scholarship is important not only to the individual students who receive it but also to the company, because it allows them to “reinvest in the workforce of North Carolina, the purpose of the community colleges, and the skilled trades that Brady and other contractors across the state rely upon.”

He noted that nationwide, many more skilled technicians in areas such as HVAC and welding are retiring than are entering those professions. “It’s vitally important that we get qualified, hard-working folks like Michael and Cedric to make the choice to train for these careers, so we’re just thrilled to support what VGCC is doing to develop a knowledgeable workforce. Congratulations, Michael and Cedric, on being selected as the recipients. We look forward to seeing the great things that are ahead of you both!”

Hall, who was accompanied by his mother, Lynn, and Rodebaugh, who was joined by his wife, Tamara, expressed their appreciation to Brady and to the college. Both students have completed the first year of VGCC’s two-year Welding degree program. Hall is already employed in the welding field, at MGM Products in Kittrell.

“We feel very honored and fortunate to have you here to present these scholarships,” Rusty Pace, the head of the VGCC Welding program, said. “I love to see our students and industry come together, whether through employment or scholarships. Cedric and Michael are quickly becoming leaders as students in the Welding program. They are highly motivated, dedicated and set an excellent example for their classmates.”

  1. Keith Shearon, who oversees Welding and other programs as the Applied Technologies department chair at VGCC, added, “It’s always encouraging to have people in the community, especially employers, make an investment in our students.”

“The Mike Bradley Memorial Scholarship makes a significant difference in our community college system, and we are grateful to Brady and ACCFO for selecting a pair of outstanding Vance-Granville students as the recipients this year,” said Dr. Stelfanie Williams, VGCC’s president. “We can’t wait to see Michael’s and Cedric’s bright futures as they prepare for personal and professional success.”

About Brady

Brady is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, with locations in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and Wilmington. Founded in 1962 by Chairman Don Brady, the company remains a family owned enterprise, today employing over 420 associates. The company works with building owners, facility managers, developers, architects, engineers and contractors providing sustainable, comprehensive building solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. Brady provides customers with a diverse range of HVAC and building solutions including building automation, energy conservation, green design, performance contracts, access controls, security, mechanical systems, parts and supplies, as well as world-class technical support. Brady is a Trane franchise. For more information, visit www.bradyservices.com.

About Vance-Granville Community College

Vance-Granville Community College, one of the 58 institutions of the North Carolina Community College System, is the local source for higher education and training in Vance, Granville, Franklin and Warren counties, north of the Research Triangle. Established in 1969, VGCC today serves students at four campuses (one in each county of the service area) and online. The college offers more than 40 curriculum programs, as well as occupational certifications, continuing education, adult education, customized training for employers and the first two years of a four-year degree. For more information, visit www.vgcc.edu.


TRAC in Granville County Region – WIZS Live Broadcast

Thursday May 18th from 10 am to 2 pm, tourism-related businesses in Granville County and the surrounding region will have an opportunity to work with Visit North Carolina staff to learn about its research, development and marketing services, and discuss best practices in reaching travelers, the media and increasing tourism visitation and spending. Visit North Carolina’s Tourism Resource Assistance Center (TRAC), a community-based training program designed to help small tourism-related businesses, will be held at Cedar Creek Gallery located on 1150 Fleming Road in Creedmoor.  The gallery offers for sale the work of over 200 of America’s most accomplished craftspeople in a unique, relaxing atmosphere.  For more information about the gallery, log onto www.cedarcreekgallery.com.  The event will also feature the Baton Rouge Cuisine Food Truck providing authentic, fresh Cajun & Soul food for sale.

Log onto https://www.brcuisine.com/ for menu.

There is no charge to attend TRAC, no reservation is required, and there are no PowerPoint presentations. This is a come-when-you-can/stay-as-long-as-you’d-like event opportunity for all tourism-related businesses to meet one-on-one with program managers to discuss better ways to promote their property or event. TRAC brings Visit North Carolina’s program managers to local communities to discuss the nuts and bolts of working with the organization. This invaluable program is designed to help tourism-related businesses engage more fully with programs offered by Visit North Carolina and its partners.

WIZS will broadcast live from the event from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. for interested citizens and business owners that may not have the opportunity to attend.

Representatives from the EDPNC’s BLNC, N.C. Dept. of Commerce, N.C. Dept. of Natural & Cultural Resources, GotToBe NC Agri-Tourism and NC GreenTravel will also be on hand to discuss services they can provide businesses, including strategic planning, assisting with identifying funding sources and serving as liaisons with other local, state and federal agencies. For additional information on this session or to learn more about scheduling a TRAC visit to your community, contact André Nabors at (919) 447-7771.

In addition, Angela Allen, Tourism Director for Granville County will also be in attendance to share with restaurants, retail stores, events and attractions on how she can help drive visitors to Granville and their businesses.  Please feel free to contact her at 919-693-6125 or log onto www.visitgranvillenc.com .

Butner to hold Memorial Day Wreath Ceremony



MAY 29th at 10:00 AM


Please join us for the opportunity to pay tribute and remember our past US Military Service men and women with a Wreath Laying Ceremony.

The event will take place at the Gazebo Park, Town of Butner, on Monday, May 29th beginning at 10:00 AM.

The Ceremony includes keynote speaker Tom Lane, who was the first elected Mayor of Butner (2007-2015).  Also participating are area pastors Reverend Buddy Ritter, Reverend David Richardson; the South Granville Jr. ROTC; and music by the South Granville High School Band.

Winners of the Middle School Essay Contest will present their writings and military vehicles will be on display.

The address for Gazebo Park is 416, Central Avenue, Butner, NC.

In case of rain, the ceremony will be held at Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena.

Help patients, honor loved ones by donating blood with the Red Cross

DURHAM, N.C. (May 17, 2017) – Before busy summer schedules set in, the American Red Cross urges eligible donors to roll up a sleeve to help ensure a sufficient supply for patients in need.

Donors of all blood types are needed now to help accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those receiving cancer treatment.

Kenneth Reed gives blood in his son’s honor. When Trace was 8 days old, he underwent heart surgery and received blood transfusions. “It’s the least I can do. If it wasn’t for donors, he wouldn’t be here with us today,” said Reed. “I don’t call it donating blood; I call it donating life.”

Giving blood is an easy and thoughtful way to honor a loved one who has relied on blood products, to follow in the example of a family member who gives regularly or to simply help others.

As a thank you, those who come out to donate May 26-30 will receive a Red Cross-branded visor, while supplies last. Make an appointment to donate blood by downloading the free Red Cross Blood Donor App, visiting redcrossblood.org or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). Donors can then also visit redcrossblood.org/cedarfair to enter to win one of three grand prize packages for four to Knott’s Berry Farm in California or Cedar Point in Ohio.

Upcoming blood donation opportunities:



5/26/2017: 2:30 p.m. – 7 p.m., Creedmoor United Methodist Church, 214 Park Avenue


6/15/2017: 12 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Union Bank & Trust Company, 108 College Street




5/29/2017: 1:30 p.m. – 6 p.m., National Guard Armory, 605 Burlington Rd




6/16/2017: 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., Maria Parham Health, John T. Church Building, 566 Ruin Creek Rd

NC Farmers should prepare for hurricane season

RALEIGH – Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler’s annual plea for farmers to prepare for hurricane season is especially poignant this year, considering many are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.

“Hurricane Matthew is a painfully fresh reminder of just how important it is to have an emergency plan for your farm, food company or agribusiness,” Troxler said. “Take precautions and think through your plan now, and discuss it with your employees and family. Doing this can help no matter what emergency strikes.”

Scientists at N.C. State University are predicting 11 to 15 named storms in the Atlantic basin this year, numbers in line with the average since 1950. Of those storms, four to six could become hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season typically runs June 1 to Nov. 30, but this year has already seen one tropical storm, Arlene, which made a brief appearance in April.

Planning helps farmers protect their families, workers, equipment and buildings, Troxler said. “Livestock operations should maintain emergency plans that address power needs and on-site feed capabilities,” he said. “Also, identify places to relocate animals from low-lying areas. We saw farmers take those precautions before Matthew, and I believe it played a role in reducing animal losses from the storm.”

Farmers and businesses should review insurance policies to ensure they have proper coverage, including wind, hail, flood and catastrophic coverage if necessary. Some coverage takes 30 days to go into effect.

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has a website, www.ncagr.gov/disaster, with links and resources for different types of agribusinesses to plan and recover from a disaster. A Farm Emergency Plan Template is available on the site to help organize information that is needed after a disaster.

Henderson Students Dominate Inaugural Oxford Prep Graduation Marshal List

Marshals who will serve at the first Oxford Preparatory Commencement ceremony honoring the class of 2017 have been announced. Marshals are chosen from the sophomore and junior class. Students chosen from either class must have a weighted GPA above 4.25. The chief marshal will be chosen from the junior representatives and will be announced at the May 26th awards ceremony. Marshals for the 2016-2017 year are:

Layla Alashmli, junior from Henderson, NC

Megan Ayscue, junior from Oxford, NC

Alex Bare, sophomore from Creedmoor, NC

Andrew Crumpler, junior from Henderson, NC

Jason Corbett, sophomore from Henderson, NC

Andrew (Whitt) Daniel, junior from Henderson, NC

Zach Ellington, sophomore from Henderson, NC

Shawn Matthews, sophomore from Oxford, NC

Mira Patel, sophomore from Henderson, NC

Catherine Stallsmith, junior from Oxford, NC

Madeline Stallsmith, junior from Oxford, NC

Jackson Vaughan, junior from Henderson, NC

Jacinthia Wiliams, junior from Henderson, NC