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For more information on the new police zone initiatives and

fighting crime in your neighborhood visit the Henderson Police

Dept. website at, and click on

“Operations Division” on the above tool bar. This site also

provides important city phone numbers and crime alerts in your



The Henderson Police Department wants to remind everyone of

vehicle safety. Remember do not leave anything of value in your car in

plain view. Secure all personal items out of sight. Lock your doors!

Close windows, sunroofs, and convertible tops. Use your alarm if

you have one. Park in well lit areas. And if you see suspicious

persons or activity in the area of parked vehicles call 911.


The Henderson Police Department Crime Prevention Section would

like to alert citizens to possible ongoing telephone “scams” and identity

theft frauds that have been reported in other areas regarding credit

and debit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard.

The scams are usually conducted by persons calling a card-holder and,

having obtained the card-holder’s account number by some other means,

impersonate a security employee of the credit card company so as to

get additional security numbers and information from the card-holder

in order to illegally utilize that credit account.

Just as the Internet and other technologies have greatly expanded the

possibilities for making credit card purchases without the need to

physically present a card to the seller, so have they created additional

opportunities for identity thieves to make profitable use of stolen

credit card numbers.

The best protection against these types of telephone scams for obtaining

sensitive credit card information is to always verify the identities of the

people with whom you speak. If you have security questions or concerns

about your credit card, call the financial institution who issued your

card directly. If someone contacts you by phone about your credit card,

ask the caller to provide his/her name, department and extension, then

hang up and call them back through the phone number listed on your

credit card or billing statement.


HPD wants to remind everyone of ATM & Deposit Safety.

At a drive-up ATM, keep all doors locked and window closed until

you are ready to make your transaction. Watch vehicles around you

and if someone approaches your vehicle on foot, cancel the transaction

and leave. When walking up to an ATM make sure it is a well lighted

area. Lock your car while using the ATM and keep you keys handy

for quick re-entry to your car. Watch for anyone suspicious hanging

around, and avoid ATM’s with obscuring bushes around them.

When using the ATM do not approach the ATM until the person

in front of you has completed their transaction. If a person is too

close to you while you are making your transaction, politely ask

them to step back. Protect your PIN number, no not write it down

and keep it in your wallet or purse. Never accept offers of assistance

from strangers. Never stand and count your money. Do not leave

your receipt for someone to steal. Never tell your PIN number to

anyone and Never lend anyone your card. Finally if your card

is ever misplaced or stolen report it to your bank immediately!


NOTE: Crime Stoppers will pay rewards up to $2000.00 for

information leading to the arrest of persons responsible for this

and other criminal offenses. All information received is kept

confidential, callers do not have to give their name. If anyone

has information on this or any case call Henderson-Vance Crime

Stoppers at 492-1925, the Henderson Police Dept. Investigation

Division at 438-4141 or anonymously put tips on the website