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The Purpose of Tradio is to sell or trade your items via telephone and internet. We DO NOT sell weapons, animals, or used mattresses or box springs of any kind. We also ask that you DO NOT use Tradio as a business. WIZS will be more than happy to assist you with your marketing efforts. We ask that you only call once a week in order to give others the opportunity to join the fun. Your item will stay on the website for one full week. If we feel you are abusing the program you will be asked not to call back and your information will not appear on the website.

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Tradio for the Week of November 28

CLICK HERE TO ADD ITEMS ON TRADIO   Friday December 2 Dell monitor, 25.00; Desktop computer with Vista OS, asking 70.00; call 919-693-5805 Looking for a trained indoor dog; Large recliner for sale, Large nativity scene for sale, call 252-425-9804 […]