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Racing Game Rules

Each participant will be allowed 3 picks each week. Picks must be received at the radio station by 2pm on Fridays. Any pick received after 2pm on Friday will not be eligible for play. Picks should be called in to the Mayhem Show Monday through Friday 1-2pm. *Note* A call to the station during the show is the preferred method. We want your participation on the air. If you are unable to call during the show, picks can be emailed to the radio station at, emailed to Moody Bros. at, or by calling Moody Bros. at 252-430-8600.

Beginning with the Daytona 500 and each week therafter, each player may pick 1 driver from the current top 10 in driver points as scored by NASCAR. If more than 1 top 10 driver is selected, only the driver with the higher points position (before the race) will be scored. Other pick(s) from the top 10 will be disqualified and not scored. Your second pick would come fom point positions 11 through 20 or higher. Your third pick would come from positions 21 through 43. Participants are responsible for keeping track of NASCAR official points standings.

Participants cannot select any driver two races in a row. Duplicated picks will be disqualified and not scored.

Scoring:Points will be awarded as follows: (finish position – pts)

1) 100 11) 38 21) 19 31) 9 41) -10
2) 80 12) 36 22) 18 32) 8 42) -20
3) 75 13) 34 23) 17 33) 7 43) -30
4) 70 14) 32 24) 16 34) 6
5) 65 15) 30 25) 15 35) 5
6) 60 16) 28 26) 14 36) 4
7) 55 17) 26 27) 13 37) 3
8) 50 18) 24 28) 12 38) 2
9) 45 19) 22 29) 11 39) 1
10) 40 20) 20 30) 10 40) 0

Front Row Award: Each week 10 bonus points will be awarded to the driver who wins the pole position for the event. 5 points will be awarded to the driver qualifying in the 2nd spot. If qualifying is canceled and starting spots are assigned by NASCAR, no bonus points will be awarded for that event.

Bonus points will also be awarded each week for the following:

Lucky Dog Award: This award goes to the first car that is not on the lead lap. The number of bonus points will be the points earned for that finishing position (from the point system above) x 2. (Example: Driver finishes 16th. He earns 24pts. Lucky Dog bonus is an additional 24pts. His total score = 48pts)

Movin’ On Up Award:This award will be given to the driver that improves his/her position the most in the race (determined by subtracting the finishing position from the starting position). If two or more drivers tie, the award goes to the driver with the highest finish. The award will be 25pts.

A Trifecta Award:will be given any week that a player’s three picks finish the race in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. The award will be 100pts added to their regular score for the week.

Each week points will be deducted for the following:

M’on Back Penalty:This penalty will be given tot he driver who loses the most positions during the race (determined by subtracting the starting position from the finishing position). If two or more drivers tie, the penalty goes to the driver with the lowest finish. The amount of the penalty will be -25pts.

NOTE: Players may have negative points if penalties are greater than points earned.

Each week the player who scores the most points will be recognized as the Weekly Winner and will be awarded the weekly prize (if offered).

The regular season consists of 26 NASCAR point races. We will split the regular season into 2 segments. Segment A(races 1-13) and Segment B (races 14-26). For each segment, players will be scored for their best 10 races. We will drop the 3 lowest scores for each segment. We will have a Segment A champion and a Segment B champion. Both champs will automatically be in our final segment –

The WIZS Chase For The Championship!!

At the end of the regular season, points from Segment A and Segment B will be added for a regular season total score. The highest total score will be the 1 seed in our WIZS Chase For The Championship. At that time, the top 10 finishers in the regular season will be seeded for the Chase as follows:

1 – 5150 5 – 5100 9 – 5080
2 – 5125 6 – 5095 10 – 5075
3 – 5115 7 – 5090 11 – 5050
4 – 5105 8 – 5085 12 – 5050

Two additional players will be added to the chase and seeded 11th and 12th (with 5050 points each). Selection process will be decided by a vote of the current participants in the game prior to the start of the Chase. However, if either winner of segment A or B are not qualified for the Chase by point totals, one or both will assume one or both of the additional players spots mentioned above. There will be a minimum of 12 players racing for the WIZS Chase For The Championship!!

During the Chase segment, points scored each week will be added to seeded scores to determine our WIZS Chase For The Championship winner.


I Didn’t Make The Chase Championship!!

All other participants will reset for the Chase portion of our contest according to their finishing order in the regular season. The top seed (highest regular season point total not qualified for the Chase) will start with 1000 points and each position following will be less 5. The player with the most points after the last 10 events will be our I Didn’t Make The Chase Champion!!

Prizes (to be determined) will be awarded a the end of the season!

Please direct any questions to Larry Moody, Commissioner of the WIZS Chase For The Championship brought to you by Moody Bros Jewelers and Sams Furniture!! phone: 252-430-8600