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Your business is too important to just hope the public gets your message.

Keeping your business and services visible and continuously in front of the buying public is what WIZS does best. WIZS serves Vance County and the surrounding areas, and each listener is a potential buyer of your product and/or services. We recommend that you advertise on WIZS and online with WIZS.com as an investment effective way of reaching people who will patronize your business.

Allow WIZS to help you spread the word. Just enter your information in the form below and a Marketing Consultant will contact you.

What some of our clients had to say:

“When Kevin Bullock made a radio commercial about steak for me, it tripled my steak sales in less than two months. ” – Joanie Dickerson, owner of 220 Seafood Restaurant

“I never considered WIZS until Kevin Bullock came to see me in December of 2014. Changing radio stations grew my business 7% in the first year alone.” – John Faucette, owner of Carolina Carpet and Flooring

“I have no idea what I would do without Kevin. He has made things so easy for me. He makes my commercials fun. I just let him handle it. Social Media too.” – Lorraine Watkins, owner of The Screen Master

“They are the greatest local station to advertise on. Give them a call and get them to help your business grow.” – Wesley Bowen, owner of Wesley Bowen Upholstery

“WIZS advertised our Christmas Open House and helped make it a great success. We continue to see great response from our radio ads.” – Agnes Woodlief, manger of Michael’s Florist

“A big thanks to Kevin Bullock, with WIZS for putting such great effort into pushing our advertisement all across the Henderson/Kerr Lake Area. It is with such reassurance when I ask where my customers are coming from and how they found out about us here; they reply that they listen to WIZS. As a matter of fact, one of my dad’s old friends lives in California now and he visits WIZS online and let’s me know that he hears our advertisement! Thanks again Kevin! And thanks again WIZS!!” – Hillary Sandling, Manager and Marketing Director of Sandling Golfcars & Trailers

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Ask your Marketing Consultant about our digital marketing opportunities. You can now advertise your business on our website.

Looking to reach more male clientele? Check out our Sponsorships with UNC Football/Basketball, Carolina Panthers Football, Local High School Football, Softball, and Baseball. We may even broadcast a Vance-Granville Community College Basketball game or Louisburg College Football game every now and then.

Ask your Marketing Consultant about these and other custom ways to promote your business today.